Weather in Morbihan for Wednesday 14th August

Weather in Morbihan: Wind and Rain for the Start of the Arvor Festival

The Arvor Festival will not have ideal weather to start this Wednesday, 14th August 2019. We expect a very overcast sky, wind and even a few drops of rain in the Morbihan. The wind did not calm down long. We will exceed gusts of 50km / h everywhere in the Morbihan according to Météo-Bretagne. We will see winds up to […]

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The weather in Cantal will be cooler despite the sun

Weather in Cantal: Return of the Sun, but Cooler Temperatures

The sun will be back today in the Cantal, however, the temperatures will still be quite cool. The temperatures will not exceed 20 ° C average. Hello everyone, it is Tuesday 13th August 2019 and we should see a return of the sun according to the latest forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Cantal. A […]

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Land is under increasing pressure from human activities and climate change is adding pressure, according to a Giec report.

Global Warming: Land Use Needs to be Rethought, Warns UN Experts

Humans have degraded a quarter of the Earth’s land surface and climate change is exacerbating this pressure, according to a report released on Thursday 8th August 2019. To properly feed the billions of Terrans or fight against climate change and global warming? To avoid one day facing this dilemma, it is essential to rethink land use and our […]

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The sun will shine this weekend of August 3rd and 4th in and around Lorient

Weather in Lorient: Cloudy but Warm

WEEKEND WEATHER: Generally warm over Lorient and the Morbihan region across the whole weekend despite the numerous clouds in the sky. The west-centred depression of Ireland will generate a variable and fairly mild west current over Lorient and the whole of the Morbihan region this weekend. Saturday Bright in the morning with fine continuous clearings, […]

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After the heat wave, storms hit a large part of the country Saturday, July 27, 2019

After the Heat Wave, the Storms are Back: 22 Departments on Orange Alert

After the heat associated with the heat wave, the storms and rain will continue Saturday 27th July 2019. Meteo France has placed 22 departments in orange alert. The much awaited rain has arrived … After several days of extreme heat and record temperatures, the mercury began Friday 26th July  2019 to plummet with thunderstorms and the alert heat wave was gradually […]

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Heat wave: 80 departments on orange alert, local records beaten

HeatWave: 80 Departments on Orange Alert, Local Records Beaten

Meteo France has just extended Tuesday 23rd July  2019 at 4pm its orange heatwave alert in 19 new departments. Severe thunderstorms are reported in five departments. There are now 81 departments that are placed in an orange alert by Meteo France, including 80 in the heatwave and five storms , according to the latest bulletin published at 16h Tuesday 23rd […]

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Almost 40 ° on this thermometer, in Rennes, on June 27,

Heat Wave: New Overheating Expected Across (almost) All of France

The heat wave returns to France, with a “spectacular” jump of the thermometer expected Monday 22nd July 2019 in the southern half and perhaps the temperature records in Paris. Beware of overheating! This new episode, the second in less than a month, arrives on France with 21 South West and Central East departments placed in orange alert from […]

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Temperatures are expected to rise again from Monday to Wednesday.

Heat Wave: 21 Departments Placed on Orange Alert by Meteo France

Meteo France has placed 21 departments of Sud-Ouest and Rhône-Alpes in orange alert for the heat, Sunday 21st July 2019. It’s official: the heat wave is back! Meteo France has placed 21 departments in orange alert for the heat, Sunday 21st July 2019. The alert, which comes into effect Monday morning, from 6am, mainly concerns the Southwest and four departments of the […]

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