Prime à la Casse: Scrapping your Car can be used to Buy a Used Car

Sales owners represent three quarters of transactions for vehicles over ten years. |

Nicolas Hulot reform the “conversion premium” little used so far. From January 1, all the old vehicle owners can use it to buy a newer, cleaner vehicle. The government hopes to distribute over 100,000 premiums next year.

First scrapping for the occasion

It’s the return of the scrappage scheme . But the measure taken by Nicolas Hulot significantly different from the previous government measures such as “juppettes”, “balladurettes” and premium decided by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008. This will also apply to used cars. What transforms a small help in substantial contribution.

Clio “clean” half price

Illustration by Minister of ecological transition itself: “A non-taxable family who wants to replace a 1991 Clio by a newer model occasion, a Clio 3 2006 […] will receive a premium of 2,000 € or more 50% of the vehicle “ (3500 € on average).

Less than 10 000 users last year

It becomes much more interesting when the existing premiums have so far been snubbed: 9300 users only, last year, for the premium to the conversion to a new vehicle (2500 € to 4000 €) or premium 500 1 000 € reserved for non-taxable households for a used car. The premium of 500 € to 1000 € This is for the entire population and will be doubled for non-taxable households. It will reach 2500 € for the purchase of an electric car.

Petrol or diesel before 1997 before 2001

To qualify, you must turn off traffic car pre-1997 or pre-2001 diesel and buy a new car or a used car recently wearing a sticker Crit’Air 0, 1 or 2 (mandatory sticker in Paris ). That is to say, petrol cars under twelve years old and diesel cars up to seven years. Three million vehicles would be affected.

“This is significant for a petrol car of ten years”

“A thousand euro premium gasoline for a car ten years may be at 3000 €, is considerable, says Flavient Neuvy, the president of the Observatoire Cetelem Automobile. The premium Sarkozy was also € 1000 but for new vehicles, so 10 000 or 15 000 €. Not very important. “

100,000 expected premiums in 2018

This time, the government is more than 100,000 premium in 2018 for the first year, while the premium Sarkozy had led to the decommissioning of 500,000 vehicles for three consecutive years. Sometimes in good condition since some as young as eight.

Recycling plants should follow

From this point of view, the automobile recycling sector seems relieved. “When you have a large number of cars that brought them out once, deconstructing sector lacks the capacity to value , explains Olivier Gaudeau, treasurer of the Federation of recycling Federec. For old cars, it’s different. There was a purge of the park that should go in the right direction.”

Cars that pollute up to 500 times

100,000 cars is fairly little about 33 million vehicle sales, but Flavien Neuvy encouraged to think differently: “We must look at emissions. Now an old vehicle pollutes 500 times more than today’s vehicles. “

What about the sale with the owners?

It remains to know the implementing rules. How do we make the proof that the old vehicle has been withdrawn from circulation? If the case is complicated to complete, it is likely that professionals capture an increasing share of the market opportunity as more than three cars in four sell owners over ten years.

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