Presidential: Marine Le Pen has “left the Presidency of the FN,” she Announced after the 1st Round

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Marine Le Pen has given up the presidentcy of the Front National

PRESIDENTIAL: She decided to no longer be a candidate of the Front National in the presidential election …

  • Marine Le Pen gets leave the presidency of the FN.
  • The National Front president wants to “gather all the French.”

“Gather around (her) project.” Such is the credo of Marine Le Pen, qualified for the second round of the presidential election, which she has decided not to temporarily occupy the presidency of her party, the Front National.

The Front National candidate, who came second last night in the first round with 21.30% of votes, overtaken by Emmanuel Macron, with 24.01%, was the guest of JT France 2.  “It appeared to me essential to put on leave from the presidency of the FN. Tonight I’m not the president of FN, I’m the presidential candidate, the one that wants to gather around the project of hope, prosperity, security, for all of the French. ”

How to win?

She announced her decision while David Pujadas asked what she would change in an attempt to gather the necessary votes to win against the favorite Emmanuel Macron. “I think we are approaching the decisive moment, I have always felt that the president is the president of all the French, for this reason it must gather all the French. It is a deep conviction, we must now move from words to deeds. ”

The possibility of this development, to leave the presidency of the party, had already been discussed by executives of the far-right party in early 2016. “It would be a strong symbolic gesture.”  Wish granted.

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