Nicolas Hulot regrets the crisis with the Yellow Vests

Nicolas Hulot Regrets a Crisis of “Yellow Vests” according to him “Avoidable”

The former Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot came out of his silence on France 2 Thursday 22nd November. He particularly regretted the “crisis” of yellow vests, according to him “avoidable”. Nicolas Hulot came out of three months of silence on Thursday night, during the political broadcast on France 2 and he “assumes” everything. Highly anticipated on […]

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The popularity of President Emmanuel Macron is in Free Fall

The Popularity of Emmanuel Macron in Free Fall

In the Autumn of 2018, with the resignation of Nicolas Hulot, President Emmanuel Macron falls in the polls with only 29% of favourable opinion. Difficult entry for the president. The popularity of Emmanuel Macron tumbled 12 points during the summer , while that of Nicolas Hulot flies (+13) after his departure from the government, according to an […]

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Nicolas Hulot announces his resignation from government

Nicolas Hulot Announces his Resignation from the Government

Nicolas Hulot, Minister of Energy Transition, announced on France Inter this Tuesday morning, his resignation from the government. Thunderclap in the government. The Minister of Energy Transition, Nicolas Hulot, announced on France Inter, Tuesday 28th August, that he has resigned from his ministry. Nicolas Hulot : “Je prends la décision de quitter le gouvernement” #le79inter cc @leasalame @ndemorand […]

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Beekeepers warn of a decline in bees

After a Harsh Winter for Bees, the Alarm Call of Beekeepers

Beekeepers demonstrated on Thursday in several cities in France to claim exceptional help and a more favourable environment for pollinating bees. At the end of a harsh winter for bees, beekeepers demonstrated on Thursday in several cities across France to claim exceptional help and a more favorable environment for pollinators. With the support of a surprise guest: Nicolas Hulot . […]

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More than 1200 protestors in Pau against the re-introduction of bears in the Pyrenees

Pau: More than 1,200 Protesters Against the Reintroduction of Bears in the Pyrenees

More than 1,200 shepherds, farmers and elected officials from all sides, marched on Monday in Pau to oppose the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. More than 1200 protesters, shepherds, farmers and elected officials of all stripes , marched Monday in Pau to the sound of sheep bells to oppose the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques desired by the government. […]

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The Minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot, January 30, 2018 in Brussels

Sexual Harassment: Minister Nicolas Hulot Denounced Rumours as “ignominious”

Nicolas Hulot, the Minister of ecological transition, denied Thursday morning rumours of sexual harassment that would target him. The Minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot denied Thursday, February 8, 2018 on BFMTV  rumors “ignominious” sexual harassment that would target the . “The answer is no and I say with as much force as the person who is clearly identified, with whom […]

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Sales owners represent three quarters of transactions for vehicles over ten years. |

Prime à la Casse: Scrapping your Car can be used to Buy a Used Car

Nicolas Hulot reform the “conversion premium” little used so far. From January 1, all the old vehicle owners can use it to buy a newer, cleaner vehicle. The government hopes to distribute over 100,000 premiums next year. First scrapping for the occasion It’s the return of the scrappage scheme . But the measure taken by Nicolas Hulot significantly different from […]

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Nuclear waste protest at Bure turn to confrontation

Nuclear waste: Protest in Bure turns into Confrontation

Incidents erupted on Tuesday in Bure (Meuse) on the sidelines of a demonstration against the Cigéo project for the burial of nuclear waste. The police made use of a water cannon, stun grenades and tear gas against a portion of the 300 to 1000 protesters In the ranks of the demonstrators, there were “six serious injuries”, hit […]

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Nicolas Hulot believes that there are alternative solutions for the NDDL airport project in the Pays de la Loire

NDDL Airport: Nicolas Hulot Believes that there are Alternatives

Nicolas Hulot, newly appointed Minister of Ecology and Solidarity transition, spoke on Thursday night on France 2 about the airport project of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (NDDL Airport). He considers “that we have not studied all the alternatives” and believes that “there is probably another option that will satisfy all the interests of each other.” The Minister of ecology […]

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Nicolas Hulot has been approached by the last three French presidents.

Government: Nicolas Hulot, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Macron Government

GOVERNMENT: The former television presenter becomes Minister of State … At 62, Nicolas Hulot is appointed Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity with the rank of state minister in the first government of Emmanuel Macron . Back to profile of former French journalist and politician. He has a history of adventurer Nicolas Hulot began his career […]

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