Paris-Bordeaux: Big scare … A Plane Makes an Emergency Landing with Engine Fire

Local News
The Air France Paris to Bordeaux was forced to make an emergency landing

TRANSPORT: The fire occurred during takeoff at Orly airport at Paris … 

Wake (very) busy on Monday morning for the passengers of flight AF6252 Air France between Paris and Bordeaux. At 7.10am, one of the engines of their plane caught fire during takeoff at Orly, reports BFM TV.

The pilot immediately turned around for an emergency landing on one of the runways of the Paris airport. According to Air France, the teams are prepared for this type of accident. Passengers have then been supported to be routed to other flights after scare. We do not know for the moment, the reasons for this incident.

The trajectory of the flight AF6252 Air France.from Paris to Bordeaux - Screenshot
The trajectory of the flight AF6252 Air France. – Screenshot

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