Airbus Received an Order for 13 Aircraft from a Japanese Company

Airbus has received an order from Peach airlines in Japan

The European group Airbus said Friday it received an order for 13 aircraft from the Japanese low-cost airline Peach Airlines.

This is a purchase order for ten A320neo and three A320ceo, said the two companies in a joint press conference in Tokyo, attended by the head of Airbus, Fabrice Brégier, which welcomed the agreement on the Japanese market described as “extremely important.”

“This success follows a model A350 order placed there a few years ago by Japan Airlines (JAL) and another three very large A380 carriers passed recently by ANA Holdings”, said the CEO.

Airbus is gradually trying to “normalize” the situation in Japan, formerly a preserve of its US rival, Boeing, which had a virtual monopoly. Japanese companies ANA and Japan Airlines have long preferred the long-standing relationship with the manufacturer of the United States.

However, in recent years, Airbus strengthened its position in the archipelago and won success that allow him to make up some of the delay, arguing with the leaders of the companies it is more rational to have multiple device types from different suppliers, a common approach in the sector.

“We organized differently since my arrival and have thus managed to understand the companies they had every interest in having a more diverse fleet,” Mr Brégier added, who is confident on the prospects of the Japanese market.

Peach Airlines will receive its first A320neo in the summer of 2019, and entry into service of this new model will coincide with the expansion of activities of the company owned 39% by its predecessor ANA Holdings.

“We considered several aspects, but we opted for the A320neo which we believe is most suitable for our requirements,” explained the boss of Peach Airlines, Shinichi Inoue.

The latter said that the regional airline to operate a term ambition hundred devices with a first target of 35 in 2020. She currently uses 18 A320ceo and two more are awaiting delivery.

A320 totaled approximately 12,800 orders to date, with more than 7,250 delivered to some 400 customers worldwide.

Peach, a company based in western Japan who seduces a rather young and female customers, will be the first Japanese company to lower costs to employ the A320neo.

“The market for low-cost flights grows everywhere, with people and access for the first time to air transport,” said Mr. Brégier.

And repeating: “low cost, that does not mean low quality, it would be wrong to think this is just a different service model, but not lower quality, and this model will continue to thrive. However, the big airlines are still present and strong. “

He and the owner of Peach agree that “low-cost airlines have a very beneficial effect on the Japanese economy through increased tourism.”

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