In France, the Fight Against Terrorism is Far from Over

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The fight against terrorism in France is far from over

TERRORISM:  According to the Minister of the Interior, 15 planned attacks have been foiled since 2013 …

Since the beginning of the year, 101 people “directly related to terrorism” were arrested, according to Bernard Cazeneuve . In an interview to be published in newspapers of Friday Ebra group, six months after the attacks in November in Paris , the Interior Minister said: “We do everything to protect the French, but the threat is still very high,” in recalling that 15 attacks were foiled since 2013.

“At EU level, thanks in large part to the leadership of France, things are moving,” says Bernard Cazeneuve “further close working police and judicial coordination Franco-Belgian that allowed the recent arrests, the European Parliament finally adopted the NRP ( “passenger Name Record” register of air passenger data) that will better detect the movement of jihadists. ”

17,500 people turned back at borders for six months

Furthermore, strengthened border controls that will continue “for six months, 33 million people were monitored in both directions across our borders, and 17,500 individuals were not allowed on French soil” he added

About events organized in France and Euro 2016 (June 10 July 10), “we bestow an exceptional mobilization to ensure the highest level of security possible. This is one reason why we are extending the state of emergency until July 26, that is to say after the end of the Euro Cup and the Tour de France, “justified Bernard Cazeneuve.

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