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Lot: School Bus Accident, Four Students in Hospital

A school bus came off the road Monday morning at Baladou in the Lot. It was carrying 32 college students, four students injured, were hospitalised …

A school bus accident requiring hospitalisation of four college students, with minor injuries on Monday morning at the town of Baladou in the north of the Lot. It was about 8.30am when the fire brigade department were called. After leaving the road, the vehicle, which was carrying 32 children, was lying on the right side. The victims were evacuated by the emergency exits on the roof of the bus, and supported in a nearby barn, made available by its owner because of the rainy weather.

32 passengers, 19 minor injuries

Four schoolboys were thus evacuated to the hospital of Brive , with minor injuries and are expected to make a full recovery. Fifteen other students were treated on the spot, then returned to their parents, as the last three, unharmed. As for the driver, he was not injured in the accident.

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