One in Three French Approve the Appointment of Edouard Philippe

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One in Three French approve of the appointment of Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister

An Atlantico and Harris Interactive poll, released on Tuesday by RMC, indicates that nearly one in three French (32%) approve the appointment of the deputy mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, as Prime Minister. They however, 42 percent think that this appointment will “weaken” the Socialist Party, 38% Republicans, 32% the Front National and 30% La France Insoumise.

Thirty-two percent of respondents believe that the appointment of Edward Philip is “a good thing”, 11% that it is “a bad thing” and 57% say they cannot “decide, not knowing enough” about the new prime minister.

Supporters of the divided Republicans

Among supporters of the En Marche!, 73% of respondents believe it is “a good thing”.  The Republicans among supporters, are 47%.

Furthermore, 51% of French, this appointment will be “beneficial” to the Republique En March!  They do however think that this appointment will “weaken” the Socialist Party by 42 percent, 38% Republicans, 32% the Front National and 30% La France Insoumise.

Who in the government?

Finally, according to the same survey, 71% of respondents want the main figures in the government of Edouard Philippe to be mainly from the centre, 63% believe the same for a composition of members from the right and 62% left.

Survey conducted online Monday, May 15, 2017, after the announcement of the appointment of Edward Philip as Prime Minister, with a sample of 1011 people aged 18 and over, by the quota method.

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