Legislative: After the short-lived alliance with the FN, Debout la France “will be very difficult to survive”

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Debout la France facing problems of identity for the Legislative elections

Temporary rallying of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen caused division in Debout la France and cascading resignations …

  • The support of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen during the second round of the presidential elections continues to create divisions within Debout la France (DLF), even if a national party congress on Saturday, officially recorded the end of the alliance
  • Leaders who resigned recently published a statement on Tuesday deplored the “confusion” and “failure” in anticipation of the legislative elections in June
  • On the ground, many of the former Debout la France candidates have withdrawn their candidature

The support of the Debout la France (DLF) for the Front National during the second round of the Presidential elections is synonymous with the kiss of death? Since “the coalition agreement” between Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen on the 28th April, the resignations are occurring at the DLF. Less than a month later, the two parties have yet buried their contract for the legislative . Each party should have as its candidate in all constituencies, with some exceptions “case by case”, said the deputy mayor of Yerres (Essonne). The Front National has invested a candidate in the 8th district of Essonne against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who is running for re-election.

Two days after a national convention France Arise voted for the end of the alliance, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said  Monday on BFM TV / RMC  : “I prefer to remain free and run candidates everywhere in France (…] The FN can not have the monopoly of the opposition. “and that,” that the French have the choice of a republican patriotism sense, different from the National Front, as I had expressed in the first round of presidential elections.”  promising a “constructive opposition”, he wished: “we must rebuild an offer that brings together Republicans, including the right of voters betrayed by the leaders of the Republicans, and make the union straight.”

“Inconsistency and failure”

Words that have so far not reconciled the members of the sovereignty of inspiration Gaullist party. By partnering with Marine Le Pen, “Nicolas Dupont-Aignan broke the bond of trust that the previously united his party,” accusing several leaders of his party in Debout la France on Tuesday. Signatories include three vice-presidents, Anne Boissel, Dominique Jamet, François Morvan and three national delegates, Hugues Maillot Laurent No, Évelyne Thomas. “In these circumstances, the campaign of candidates” DLF legislative “is already marked with the sign of misunderstanding, inconsistency and failure,” they predict.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen at a press conference together to announce their alliance in Paris on 29 April. - Michel Euler / AP / SIPA
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen at a press conference together to announce their alliance in Paris on 29 April. – Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

On the ground, the fracture is expressed in particular by withdrawals. Jean-Pierre Enjalbert , a founder of Debout la France and mayor of Saint-Prix (Val d’Oise) withdrew his candidacy in the 4th district of the department: “This application is no longer possible because our position was tainted. We are no longer heard in this context. The confusion is total. It will take weeks or months of discussion again so we are known for what we are, “said on Tuesday at the national delegate of Debout la France to the environmental transition. Jean-Pierre Enjalbert has not yet formally resigned from the party, “the time to see if we can restore our line”,”neither extreme nor-system” and “not to break the cord with voters who voted for us on the 23rd April”. But still the question: “Was it to us, to those who follow our line, to abandon ship? It would have been better if the president of the movement starts back, even leaving the presidency, at least the time of the electoral campaign. ”

“The party will be very difficult to survive this”

Even disappointment for the candidate of Debout la France in parliamentary elections for the 2nd district of La Manche, Olivier Pjanic, who on Friday announced the withdrawal of his candidacy. The mayor of Notre-Dame-de-Livoye said on Tuesday: “I do not want this rapprochement. FN was always fought because we have not the same story, not the same back room or policies, even if there were a common ground in the presidential program” explains Olivier Pjanic. The man, who just resigned as DLF departmental secretary gets back from his party. “I paid my dues and that is why today I am still adherent. At renewal [of the membership card], we’ll see. ”

As for the future of the party is polling. “The party will be very difficult to survive this. Some have slammed the door after support from Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen. But there is now a second wave of those who are disappointed that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan has not gone far enough, “he said, citing Maxime Thiebaut, national delegate who himself has rallied on Tuesday for the Front National “the Patriots,” an association founded by Florian Philippot , vice president of the FN.

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