Theresa May announces her resignation

British Prime Minister Theresa May will resign on June 7th

Unable to reach an agreement on Brexit, Theresa May announced Friday 24th May, 2019 that she would leave 10 Downing Street on June 7th. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation on Friday 24th May, 2019, following her failure to pass her plan to withdraw from the European Union. The voice strangled by emotion, Theresa May […]

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On Brexit, is this the end of Theresa May, as another minister resigns

Brexit: It Feels Like the End for Theresa May, Another Minister Resigns

The Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Andrea Leadsom, resigned over Brexit on Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, further weakening the position of Theresa May The exit door seemed closer on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 for British Prime Minister Theresa May, whose “last chance” plan to implement Brexit did not convince her majority or the opposition, and earned her a new resignation in her […]

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Relaxing the 80 km/h speed limit could be possibme, Edouard Philippe has said

Relaxing the 80 km/h: Edouard Philippe is in Favour

On Thursday 16th May, 2019, the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe said he saw “no inconvenience” to let the presidents of departments relax the highly controversial measure. He dragged it like a ball on a chain for months. Edouard Philippe is now in favour of easing the controversial 80 km/h measure on secondary roads. Asked by Franceinfo this Thursday 16th May, 2019, […]

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After the Great Debate, the government promise big projects

After the Great Debate, the Government Promises Big Projects

In the face of the deputies, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Edouard Philippe assured that “powerful and concrete” decisions will be taken to meet the expectations of the French. After the great debate, “major projects”: Edouard Philippe promised Tuesday 9th April, 2019 before the National Assembly responses to the “strong need for transformation ” expressed and the “wall of distrust” separating […]

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Yellow Vests, nearly 1800 convictions since start of movement

Yellow Vests: Nearly 1,800 Convictions Since the Beginning of the Movement

Since mid-November and the beginning of the movement of yellow vests, 1796 sentences were pronounced by the justice announced Tuesday the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. The justice has pronounced nearly 1,800 convictions since the beginning of the yellow vests movement in mid-November, which has been enamelled several times of violence, announced Tuesday (February 12th) Edouard Philippe in front of […]

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Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at an interministerial meeting on Brexit on January 17, 2019 in Matignon .. (© AFP / JACQUES DEMARTHON: Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at an interministerial meeting on Brexit

France Launches “Plan Linked to a Brexit Without Agreement”, Announces Edouard Philippe

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a plan to protect the French and the companies from a “Hard Brexit” of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Prime Minister Philippe announced Thursday the launch of a “plan linked to a Brexit without agreement ” to deal with the possibility “less and less unlikely” of a brutal exit or hard Brexit […]

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No right to block country on 17th Novbember says Edouard Philippe

Yellow Vests: “We Can Protest” but Blocking a Country is “Not Acceptable”, warns Edouard Philippe

For Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, “blocking a country” is “obviously not acceptable”. But the government will guarantee the freedom of yellow vests to demonstrate. The government will guarantee the freedom of ” yellow vests ” to demonstrate Saturday, November 17throughout France against the rise in fuel prices , but “block a country” is “obviously not acceptable,” warned Friday Édouard Philippe on the […]

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China - French relations have never been so good

China: Edouard Philippe Received by Xi Jinping to “Continue the Conversation” Between the two Countries

CHINA: The president of China said that with Emmanuel Macron, “Sino-French relations have a more stable and healthier starting point” … Edouard Philippe was received Monday in Beijing by President Xi Jinping to “continue the conversation” started in January during the visit to China Emmanuel Macron .After visiting Shenzhen and Shanghai, the Prime Minister arrived Sunday in Beijing, he said, to […]

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Primeminister Edouard Philippe meets the SNCF railway unions

SNCF: Edouard Philippe Receives Railway Unions without Intending to Touch his Reform

The Prime Minister meets on Monday with the railway unions for the first time since the beginning of the SNCF conflict, a hand “tense but firm” according to Matignon. Edouard Philippe met on Monday the railway unions for the first time since the beginning of the strike action at the SNCF, a hand “tense but firm” according to […]

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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe makes a surprise visit to Notre-Dame-des-Landes

Airport: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Surprise Visit to Notre-Dame-des-Landes

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced Saturday he was at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, to “see and hear”.Before a decision expected by the end of January. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced Saturday on Twitter that he was at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, to “see and hear” when he has completed on Friday a week of consultations at Matignon on the draft Nantes airport , before a very sensitive […]

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