Interview with Emmanuel Macron

Interview with Emmanuel Macron: Borne, Riots, School, Ecology… What to Remember

RECAP: The Head of State, Emmanuel Macron was the guest of the TF1 and France 2 news from New Caledonia, where he is travelling After his speech last week during the Council of Ministers, before the new Borne government, Emmanuel Macron was the guest this Monday at 1 p.m. on the news of TF1 and France […]

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There will be no (or very few) fireworks from individuals.

July 14th: The Sale of Fireworks rockets Prohibited, announces Elisabeth Borne

The sale and transport of fireworks rockets will be prohibited to individuals, explained the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. It is almost a tradition, although regulated. In addition to the fireworks fired by professionals mandated by the municipalities and cities, each year, on July 14th, many small pyrotechnic shows are performed by individuals. This will not be the case, […]

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Does Elisabeth Borne have the right to vape in the Assembly and Senate

Does Elisabeth Borne Have the Right to Vape in the Assembly and the Senate?

Antoine Léaument, an LFI deputy, was moved to see the Prime Minister on Monday, electronic cigarette in hand during a vote. Elisabeth Borne is however not authorized to vape within the two assemblies Present in the Assembly on Monday due to the vote of a statement of censure against her government, Elisabeth Borne was seen with […]

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The Constitutional Council rejects the second request for a referendum on pension reform

Pension reform 2023: The Constitutional Council Rejects the Second Request for a Referendum

VERDICT: This second RIP was initiated in extremis on April 13th by some 250 left-wing and independent deputies and senators. The Constitutional Council on Wednesday rejected a second request for a referendum on pensions that the left had filed in extremis, before the promulgation of the highly contested government reform. Unsurprisingly, the Elders judged that the proposal for […]

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With 32% of French people satisfied, Macron's popularity at its lowest for three years

Poll: With 32% of French People Satisfied, Macron’s Popularity at its Lowest for Three Years

BAROMETER At 29% favourable opinions, Elisabeth Borne recorded her lowest level since joining Matignon last May. While France is animated by the conflict over the pension reform, the popularity rating of the executive continues to crumble. That of Emmanuel Macron thus sank by two points in February to reach its lowest level in three years, with 32% of French people […]

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Fuel: compensation of 100 euros may be requested from January 16

Fuel: Compensation of 100 Euros may be Requested from 16th January

BOOST: The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced in early December the replacement of the rebate on fuel by an indemnity of 100 euros reserved for the 10 million most modest workers. From the 16th of January, beneficiaries of the new fuel allowance of 100 euros, replacing the general rebate which ended on the 31st of December, will […]

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Government offers aid to bakers in Energy crisis

Energy: A Delay for the Payment of Taxes and Social Security Contributions Granted to Bakers

FINANCIAL AID: Elisabeth Borne wanted bakers to also be able to “spread out” the energy bills for the first months of the year A little respite for bakers hit hard by rising energy prices. Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday that they will be able to “request the deferral of the payment of their taxes and social security contributions” to […]

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Was Jean Castex responsible for the Tamiflu vaccine against H1N1 flu

Was Jean Castex Responsible for the Vaccination against H1N1 Influenza in 2009?

A viral message states that the current Prime Minister was adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and responsible for the “H1N1 scandal”. Jean Castex only joined the Elysee Palace in November 2010, after the H1N1 flu epidemic Jean Castex adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and, as such, responsible for the “H1N1 scandal” and “mass vaccination […]

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Coronavirus: Confinement on weekends for Pas-de-Calais

Coronavirus: Pas-de-Calais Confinement at Weekends, Acceleration of Vaccination… The Main Government Announcements

PANDEMIC: The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, held a press conference this Thursday in the presence of the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran The appointment was made last Thursday: eight days after the announcement of the placing in “reinforced surveillance” of 20 departments particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the government unveiled this Thursday evening its arbitrations, at the end of […]

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Coronavirus Update from Jean Castex at weekly press conference

Coronavirus: New Vaccination Appointments, Travel for the Holidays … Castex Announcements

PANDEMIC: The “threat” of mutations “does not justify a new confinement” for the moment, according to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex who calls on the French to “remain vigilant” during the winter holidays The situation “remains worrying”, warns Jean Castex. But the Prime Minister, who took stock of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, insisted: despite “the real threat” of […]

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