Coronavirus: 2,314 Deaths in France, "More Difficult Days are Coming"

Coronavirus: 2,314 Deaths in France, “More Difficult Days are Coming”

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health detailed France’s strategy for fighting the coronavirus. Resuscitation beds, masks, tests: we take stock. “Greater transparency”: this is one of the pillars that the government has set for its management of the health crisis. This Saturday 28th March 2020, this objective was once again put to the test of […]

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Nearlt 2000 people have died of Coronavirus Covid-19 in France

Coronavirus Covid-19: 1,995 Dead, 32,964 Confirmed Cases… Update on the Situation in France on Friday

The coronavirus killed nearly 2,000 people on Friday 27th March 2020, while the Prime Minister announced that the confinement would last until April 15th. While Edouard Philippe warned that “the crisis would last” and extended confinement for another 15 days, the latest assessment of the spread of the coronavirus in France reports 32,964 confirmed cases of contamination and […]

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Coronavirus Confinement period will be extended by two weeks

Coronavirus: Containment Extended for 15 Days in France, until April 15th, Announces Edouard Philippe

EPIDEMIC: Due to the daily increase in Coronavirus deaths, Confinement will be extended in France. “This period may be extended further if the health situation requires it,” said the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. It’s official. Faced with the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis, the government has decided to extend the confinement by two weeks, from next Tuesday, until April 15, Prime Minister […]

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New certificates for exit of coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus and Confinement: Download the New Displacement Certificate

The government has released a new certificate for being outside during the coronavirus confinement. We must now indicate the time of leaving home. The government implemented this Wednesday 25th March 2020 a new certificate of displacement as part of the containment linked to the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 1,100 people in France, according to the latest […]

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Edouard Philippe announces tougher Coronavirus Confinement rules

Coronavirus: Edouard Philippe Announces the Tightening of Confinement Rules

While France records its most serious health balance this Monday 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister will issue a decree to toughen the rules of confinement The coronavirus epidemic is worsening in France and the measures, as a result, are tightening. The confinement period, initially announced by Emmanuel Macron for 15 days, has not yet been extended, but […]

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe votes in the first round of the municipal elections, on March 15, 2020 in Le Havre.

Edouard Philippe Proposes to Postpone the Second Round of Municipal Elections to June 21st

While Emmanuel Macron must speak on new measures against the coronavirus, the Prime Minister would propose to postpone the second round of the elections in June Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has proposed to postpone the second round of municipal elections to June 21st, affirmed this Monday, March 16, 2020, concordant sources at AFP. This proposal was made a few […]

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All bars in France will be closed to the public as of this Saturday, March 14, 2020, midnight.

Coronavirus: Edouard Philippe Announces the Closure of Bars, Restaurants, Cinemas and Public Places

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Saturday 14th March 2020 new measures to stem the epidemic of coronavirus, which affects 4,500 people in France. Edouard Philippe announced, this Saturday 14th March 2020, the closure, in France and from midnight, of bars, restaurants, cinemas and public places, due to the epidemic of coronavirus. 🔴 DIRECT – Coronavirus : […]

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people in France because of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Gatherings of More than 100 People Prohibited, announces Edouard Philippe

After the measures announced by Emmanuel Macron to fight against the spread of Coronavirus across France, Edouard Philippe specified some of them this Friday 13th March 2020 on TF1. After the televised speech by Emmanuel Macron and the shock measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the hour is in full swing for general combat. Guest of […]

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With more coronavirus cases, France prepares for stage 3

Coronavirus: General Mobilisation at the Top of the State for the Transition to Stage 3 of the Epidemic

Faced with the increase in confirmed coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe convened, this Friday 6th March 2020, six ministers and secretaries of state to the Ministry of Health. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe meets six Ministers and Secretaries of State at the Department of Health on Friday evening March 6th, 2020, following the sharp rise in cases of contamination […]

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Edouard Philippe on January 6, 2020

Pension Reform: Edouard Philippe Takes a Step Towards the CFDT

The Prime Minister qualified Tuesday 7th January of “good idea” the proposal of conference of financing of the CFDT, while calling for that “everyone moves a little”. Edouard Philippe gave a sign of openness to the CFDT. He qualified Tuesday, January 7 as a “good idea ” the proposal for a financing conference, while calling for “everyone to move […]

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