Democrats launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump

United States: Democrats Launch Impeachment Proceedings against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is believed to have asked the Ukrainian president to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. But the impeachment procedure is unlikely to succeed. Sounding thunderclap in Washington. US Democrats on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, launched the first stage of a solemn indictment of Donald Trump, suspected of asking the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival Joe […]

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Laurent Wauquiez resigns from the Republican presidency

Laurent Wauquiez Resigns from the Republican Presidency

A week after the rout of his party in the European elections, the president of the Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez announced his resignation Sunday 2nd June, 2019 TF1 television news. Laurent Wauquiez announced Sunday on TF1 his resignation from the presidency of the Republicans (LR) , a week after the historic defeat of the party (8.48%) in the European elections. “I […]

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A New president for the Republicans hoping to turn the page on defeats

Republicans Elect a New President and Hope to Turn the Page on Defeat

To elect a new president and turn the page on 2017 losses: Les Republicans activists return to the polls to decide Laurent Wauquiez, Florence Portelli and Mael Calan. To elect a new president and turn the page of electoral defeats of 2017: LR activists are called to the polls Sunday to decide Laurent Wauquiez , major favorite, Florence […]

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In the Nantes Legislative, the absence of a PS Candidate upsets the Republicans

Nantes Legislative: The Absence of a Candidate PS upsets Republicans

Loire-Atlantique Republicans denounce a “collusion” between the Socialist Party and EnMarche! in the first district Nantes Orvault. The PS will not send a candidate facing François de Rugy, standing for the Republic En Marche! Julien Bainvel, RS-UDI candidate in the first district Nantes Orvault, would have preferred a candidate of the Socialist Party. History of dividing the […]

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One in Three French approve of the appointment of Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister

One in Three French Approve the Appointment of Edouard Philippe

An Atlantico and Harris Interactive poll, released on Tuesday by RMC, indicates that nearly one in three French (32%) approve the appointment of the deputy mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, as Prime Minister. They however, 42 percent think that this appointment will “weaken” the Socialist Party, 38% Republicans, 32% the Front National and 30% La France […]

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Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron happen in the first round of presidential elections.

Presidential Survey: The gap between Le Pen and Macron Reduces

According to a survey released Tuesday, Marine Le Pen continues to lead in voting intentions for the first round of presidential elections. But it is closely followed by Emmanuel Macron, one point behind. Marine Le Pen is ahead of Emmanuel by just a point, with 26% against 25% in voting intentions in the first round […]

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Francois Fillon will defend the colours of the right in the 2017 presidential election

Francois Fillon to Defend the Colours of the Right in 2017

Francois Fillon, is the very clear winner Sunday of the primary of the right ahead of Alain Juppé, and will defend the colours of his camp in the presidential election of 2017, with a good chance of winning given the disunity of the left. Announced just before 8.30pm, “In 2121 offices, the respective scores were for […]

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Nicolas sarkozy unveils his plans for security in France

Nicolas Sarkozy : The Four Main Points of the “Security Plan”

The leader of the Republicans unveiled its proposals in an interview with Le Parisien … Nicolas Sarkozy unveils his “security Plan”.  The leader of the Republicans details his proposals about policing, justice and the fight against terrorism in an interview with Parisien / Aujourd’hui this forthcoming Tuesday. These are the four major announcements of the former head […]

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Ump to vote on changing the name to "Republicans"

UMP: Sarkozy will vote the members on the name “The Republicans”

The delegate vice president of the party, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, confirmed … The president of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy will vote the members of his party on the name “The Republicans” on the eve of the May 30 conference, said AFP Sunday Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, confirming a report in the JDD . In an electronic vote on […]

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