People with "high risk" pathologies will be able to be vaccinated against Covid-19 from Monday

Coronavirus: Vaccination will be Open Monday for People with “High Risk” Pathologies, announces Jean Castex

EPIDEMIC: People with severe kidney failure or cancer are particularly affected People with “high risk” pathologies will be able to be vaccinated against coronavirus Covid-19 from Monday in one of the “700 centers” of vaccination open from that date on the territory, said Thursday Jean Castex during his press conference devoted to the coronavirus epidemic . In addition to those over 75 years old, nearly […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex on December 9, 2020 in Essonne.

Coronavirus: Jean Castex Announces the Generalisation of the Curfew at 6 pm

HEALTH: The government unveiled new restrictions on Thursday, with a National curfew at 6pm to limit the circulation of the coronavirus The rumour, which has swelled since Wednesday, has finally been confirmed. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this Thursday during a press conference organised with six members of his government, the generalization of the curfew from this Saturday […]

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Will Jean Castex announce a third confinement in France to fight the coronavirus epidemic ?

Jean Castex: The Prime Minister Ready to Announce a Third Confinement this Thursday?

CORONAVIRUS: Will the Prime Minister, Jean Castex announce the third confinement of France this Thursday when he makes his speech to the country about the current situation of the coronavirus Epidemic Jean Castex will organize a new press conference this Thursday 14th January. And the latter is particularly awaited by the French. Citizens obviously fear the announcement of third […]

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National curfew at 6 p.m., re-containment, confinement on weekends: these restrictions that could fall this week

National Curfew at 6 pm, Re-Confinement, Confinement on Weekends: These Restrictions that Could Fall this Week

EPIDEMIC: What are the options that Jean Castex and the government are considering for France, to try and slow down the coronavirus epidemic On Wednesday 13th January, the government will meet at a new health defence council, on the eve of a new speech by Jean Castex. This is not a good sign given the epidemic […]

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With Coronavirus in Schools, an English mutation and epidemic rebound ... A crucial week for the government

Coronavirus: Schools, English Mutation and Epidemic Rebounding … A Crucial Week for the Government

EPIDEMIC: While the English mutation is present in France and the private New Year’s gatherings could lead in the coming days to an increase in contaminations and hospitalisations, the coming week promises to be crucial for the government While the number of new coronavirus contaminations does not drop, an epidemic rebound is to be feared after […]

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Closing of Schools? Jean Castex Gives a Clear Answer!

EDUCATION: Jean Castex, the Prime Minister has expressed his desire to not close the schools in France during the coronavirus Epidemic Earlier this evening, Thursday 7th January, at 6 p.m., the Prime Minister, Jean Castex gave a press conference, where he reconfirmed his desire not to close schools. Do not close schools to avoid dropping out […]

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Government forced to wait how coronavirus epidemic develops in France

Coronavirus: In Uncertainty, The Government Forced to Wait … But Until When?

EPIDEMIC: A Defense Council is scheduled for Tuesday, but the government could wait until January 7th before taking new measures against the coronavirus The Elysee Palace said that a new health defence council will be organized on Tuesday. This meeting comes in a tense context, while several elected officials, especially in the Grand Est, are worried […]

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The government faces a challenge trying to get people to take coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus: The Government Faces the Challenge of Confidence in Vaccines

EPIDEMIC: The government unveiled its vaccination plan for the country, but the mistrust of the French remains very strong today The government presented its vaccination strategy to deputies on Wednesday and to senators this Thursday, but the mistrust of the French remains high. To encourage adhesion to this non-compulsory vaccine, which will be deployed in the […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex describes the vaccine strategy to fight Covid-19, during a press conference in Paris, December 3, 2020.

Coronavirus: Vaccination Planned “From The Last Week of December”, Announces Jean Castex

EPIDEMIC: This “first phase” of the vaccination against coronavirus, concerning people at risk “will take place over a period of six to eight weeks” “If the conditions are met”, the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in France will begin “from the last week of December”, announced the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, this Wednesday, specifying that the non-priority populations will wait “the end […]

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Children may not go to school Thursday and Friday, Jean Castex announces

Coronavirus: Children May Not Go To School Thursday and Friday, Castex Announces

EPIDEMIC: With the approach of the holidays, the government wants to avoid coronavirus contaminations during family reunions Children will be exempt from school on the last two days of this week. The Prime Minister announced this Tuesday on Europe 1 that parents could not send their children to school Thursday and Friday, to avoid contamination with coronavirus Covid-19 during family reunions […]

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