Emmanuel Macron does not want to set health criteria for the reopening of schools

Coronavirus: Can We Manage a Health Crisis Without Quantified Objectives?

EPIDEMIC: Emmanuel Macron and the government no longer give quantified targets after the announcement of new measures, which is not without problems Since the 5,000 cases per day and the 3,000 people in resuscitation, caps set during the second confinement, no quantified objective concerning the coronavirus pandemic has been given by the government. Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron […]

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Emmanuel Macron announces new restrictions to combat coronavirus in France

Coronavirus: Closure of Schools and Shops, School Holidays … Most of Emmanuel Macron’s Announcements

EPIDEMIC: Emmanuel Macron’s televised address this Wednesday evening announces new restrictions to curb the coronavirus epidemic in France Emmanuel Macron announced this Wednesday evening new measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic in France, which is experiencing its third wave, a year after the first. The Head of State has extended to the entire territory the restrictive […]

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Was Jean Castex responsible for the Tamiflu vaccine against H1N1 flu

Was Jean Castex Responsible for the Vaccination against H1N1 Influenza in 2009?

A viral message states that the current Prime Minister was adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and responsible for the “H1N1 scandal”. Jean Castex only joined the Elysee Palace in November 2010, after the H1N1 flu epidemic Jean Castex adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and, as such, responsible for the “H1N1 scandal” and “mass vaccination […]

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Coronavirus: Confinement on weekends for Pas-de-Calais

Coronavirus: Pas-de-Calais Confinement at Weekends, Acceleration of Vaccination… The Main Government Announcements

PANDEMIC: The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, held a press conference this Thursday in the presence of the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran The appointment was made last Thursday: eight days after the announcement of the placing in “reinforced surveillance” of 20 departments particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the government unveiled this Thursday evening its arbitrations, at the end of […]

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A new health defense council this Wednesday at the Elysee to discuss coronavirus situation in France

Coronavirus: A new health defense council this Wednesday at the Elysee

PANDEMIC: The meeting could enact localised confinement on weekends to restrict the spread of coronavirus The program is repeated: a health defence council is taking place this Wednesday morning. It could decide on possible new restrictions, national or local, to deal with the coronavirus. According to RMC, the fate of the 20 most affected departments could be settled, perhaps with […]

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Will the Government start the curfew at 4pm in France

Coronavirus: The Curfew Starting at 4 pm is “Not a Studied Track”, Assures Government

On Facebook, a viral video with a misleading title announces that “the government may well advance the curfew to 4 pm” during the school holidays A video widely relayed on Facebook evokes the probable announcement of a curfew advanced to 4 pm by the government. But the video is based on a possibility mentioned on […]

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Jean Castex adds more restrictions to the French in Coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus: What to Remember from Jean Castex’s Announcements

EPIDEMIC: Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this Friday evening new measures to counter the Covid-19 epidemic and avoid new confinement End of suspense. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this Friday evening new measures to counter the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic and avoid new confinement at the end of a Health Defense Council at the Elysee Palace. He recalled that […]

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The curfew introduced at 6 p.m. "has relative effectiveness", "very tight confinement" is one of the scenarios considered

Coronavirus: The Curfew Introduced at 6 pm “Has Relative Effectiveness”, “Very Tight Confinement” is One of the Scenarios Considered

EPIDEMIC: Gabriel Attal was speaking about the curfew and confinement following the Council of Ministers and the Health Defence Council The curfew introduced at 6 pm “has relative effectiveness” and “does not sufficiently slow down” the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 virus to be “fully effective”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday. “Different scenarios” are being studied to deal […]

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State of health emergency: facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner restores the truth

State of Health Emergency: Facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner Restores the Truth

RESTRICTIONS: The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people, restricted during the coronavirus Epidemic The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people in an Assembly whose hostility and arrogance are embodied by Minister Olivier Véran, who leans more […]

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New Zealand announce new case of coronavirus

Coronavirus in New Zealand: First Local Case for More Than Two Months in the Country

COVID-19: The Labor government of Jacinda Ardern announced on Sunday, the return of a case of coronavirus in New Zealand New Zealand health authorities said on Sunday that they had recorded their first local case of the new coronavirus in more than two months. A 56-year-old woman recently returned from Europe tested positive ten days after undergoing a mandatory two-week […]

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