Interview with Emmanuel Macron

Interview with Emmanuel Macron: Borne, Riots, School, Ecology… What to Remember

RECAP: The Head of State, Emmanuel Macron was the guest of the TF1 and France 2 news from New Caledonia, where he is travelling After his speech last week during the Council of Ministers, before the new Borne government, Emmanuel Macron was the guest this Monday at 1 p.m. on the news of TF1 and France […]

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Electricity Prices will increase by 10 percent in Audust

Electricity Prices will Increase by 10% on August 1st with the Reduction of the Tariff Shield

PRICE INCREASE: This electricity increase concerns customers “connected to a meter with a power of up to 36 kilovolt-amperes”, i.e. households, craftsmen, small businesses and craftsmen The government announced on Tuesday a 10% increase in regulated electricity prices on the 1st August, due to a gradual reduction in the price shield put in place for two winters. This […]

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Review of the 100 days: Emmanuel Macron will not speak on July 14, but "in the coming days"

Review of the 100 Days: Emmanuel Macron will not Speak on July 14th, but “in the Coming Days”

SPEECH: The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron will not speak on July 14th to take stock of the 100 days to relaunch the five-year term Emmanuel Macron will not speak during the national holiday of July 14th celebrating Bastille Day, in order to take stock of the 100 days to relaunch the five-year term. On the other hand, […]

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Will the RSA reform be a new social bomb for the government?

Will the RSA Reform be a New Social Bomb for the Government?

SOCIAL SUPPORT: The government wants to condition the payment of the RSA to the achievement of 15 to 20 hours of activities per week Elisabeth Borne will meet, this Tuesday and Wednesday, the leaders of the five main unions at Matignon. They will discuss the reform of the RSA, which plans to condition the payment of […]

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May 1st protests across France against the Pension reform

May 1st: Relive this Day of Protest in Pictures

Between 782,000 and 3.2 million people marched in the streets against the pension reform. In Nantes, Rennes, Paris or Toulouse, violence broke out. Many demonstrators wandered the streets on Monday, May 1st with, in the background, the fight against pension reform. The violence still punctuated the processions. The violence has mounted over the demonstrations against the […]

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Pension reform protests using saucepans

Demonstrations: How the Saucepan Became an Object of Contestation

For several weeks, we have shown our dissatisfaction through saucepans. These noisy gatherings are nothing new. Back to their story. “Saucepans and eggs are for cooking”, ironically declared Emmanuel Macron on the move to a college in Hérault, on April 20th, 2023, after being greeted by a pan of disgruntled residents. Since his speech on April 17th, […]

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Banning saucepans, an attack on freedom of expression?

Banning Saucepans, an Attack on Freedom of Expression?

POLICY: A new decree based on anti-terrorism laws prohibits the use of “sound amplifying devices” during the visit of the President of the Republic to Loir-et-Cher on Tuesday 25 April. He was suspended by the judge After that of the Hérault, an order prohibits this time “sound amplifiers sound devices”. It was published by the prefect of Loir-et-Cher […]

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RSA beneficiaries from several departments must now take integration procedures to continue to receive their allowance.

“Unacceptable to Point the Finger at so-called Assisted”… Three Territories are worried about the RSA under conditions

SOCIAL ASSISTANCE: The city of Lyon and the departments of Loire-Atlantique and Ille-et-Vilaine have signed a joint letter to denounce any “blackmail at the RSA  allowance” Emmanuel Macron has hinted that he would like to generalize an RSA “under conditions” obliging its beneficiaries to perform a certain number of hours of integration to receive their […]

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What if the Assembly had not said its last word on Pension Reform

Pension Reform: What if the Assembly had Not Said its Last Word?

PENSION REFORM: The group of deputies various left and various right Liot has tabled a bill to repeal the postponement to 64 of the legal retirement age The pension reform was promulgated on April 15 by Emmanuel Macron. But the National Assembly, which was never able to decide during a vote on the text, could […]

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Associations denounce "contempt, arrogance, ego" of Emmanuel Macron on the beneficiaries of the RSA

Associations Denounce “Contempt, Arrogance, Ego” of Emmanuel Macron on the Beneficiaries of the RSA

REACTIONS: The Head of State estimated in his intervention on TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday that it was necessary to “go find” the beneficiaries of the RSA, help them “return to employment” and “empower them” Faced with widespread social discontent against his pension reform, Emmanuel Macron tried to clarify his position in an intervention on TF1 and […]

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