Attack in Manchester: Macron “Determination and Commitment” against Terrorism

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After attack in Manchester, Emmanuel Macron is determined and committed against terrorism

Emmanuel Macron spoke on Tuesday from the Embassy of Great Britain in Paris after the bomb attack on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Manchester.

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday at the Embassy of Great Britain in Paris, his “will to strengthen European cooperation” against terrorism after the attack in Manchester, and announced the holding of a new Defense Council meeting on Wednesday.

This is “above all these condolences, this feeling of solidarity and full support that we held this afternoon (Tuesday) to express. It is also our desire to strengthen European cooperation in the fight against terrorism “, said the head of state after signing a condolence book.

Defense Council

Mr Macron also announced the holding of a “new Defense Council” meeting on Wednesday, after the one held after the first cabinet meeting last week.

Attentat de Manchester: “Il faut aller encore… par BFMTV

The meeting “will advance the creation of a anti- Daech ‘task force'” against the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing of Manchester, “the greater coordination of our intelligence services and strengthening the means that are already deployed “, said the President.

“We will be determined and resolved along with all of our European partners in the fight against terrorism all over our continent”, added the head of state, noting that “many things have already been done” and hailing “exemplary cooperation”, but said his desire to continue “strengthening cooperation in acts” .

Solidarity and determination

In the book of condolences at the embassy, the president, came accompanied by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian and Minister for European Affairs Marielle de Sarnez, has written these words: “Our terrorist enemies have struck again. Our youth, a place of celebration, a heart of city, a country of courage. Facing them, we are united, more united and determined than ever. 

Manchester: Emmanuel Macron signe le registre… par BFMTV

He had expressed earlier on Tuesday in a statement from the Elysee, its “terror” and its “dismay” after the attack that killed 22 people Monday night in Manchester (UK) to the outlet a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande.

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