Rapper Mac Miller has been found dead at the age of 26

Rapper Mac Miller Found Dead at the Age of 26

The 26-year-old American rapper, Mac Miller, was found dead at his home. He would have succumbed to an overdose according to US media. Rapper Mac Miller , who has won over his fans with his retro hip-hop and attracted attention with songs about his former girlfriend Ariana Grande and US President Donald Trump, died at age 26, his family announced. The […]

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Ariana Grande en concert à Manchester, le 4 juin 2017. — Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester

Seven Highlights of the Ariana Grande Charity Concert in Manchester

MUSIC: A show in tribute to victims of the attack in Manchester that targeted the fans of the singer, Ariana Grande on the 22nd May … A concert to defy fear. Less than two weeks after the attack suicide bomber who killed 22 people and over one hundred injured at the previous concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, and […]

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After the attack in London, Ariana Grande "Pray for London"

Attack in London: The singer Ariana Grande “Pray for London”

TRIBUTE: Singer Ariana Grande, whose concert in Manchester was targeted by a bomb attack on the 22nd May should give a charity concert for the victims on Sunday at Emirates Stadium Old Trafford … The American singer Ariana Grande responded Sunday morning on the attack that left at least seven dead and 22 wounded Saturday night […]

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Ariana Grande visits victims of the Attack in Manchester

Attack in Manchester: Ariana Grande Visited Injured Fans from her Concert

GENEROSITY: Back to Manchester for a charity concert, Ariana Grande went to the hospital to meet the injured fans during the suicide attack that took place on May 22nd at her last concert … Returning to Manchester for a charity concert dedicated to the victims and relatives of victims of the attack that took place during her last […]

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Ariana Grande will give a charity concert for the victims of the attack in Manchester

Attack in Manchester: Ariana Grande will Return to Give a Charity Concert

UNITED KINGDOM: The singer wrote on Friday a long letter to her fans and the people of Manchester … There are some days she was “shattered” by the tragedy . Four days after the attack in Manchester , singer Ariana Grande addressed the people of Manchester and her fans in a long letter published on Twitter. Vowing not to let “hatred win,” she promises […]

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After the attack in Manchester, there has been two new arrests

Attack in Manchester: Two New Arrests, a Woman Released

The new arrests bring to eight the number of people currently in custody in connection with the investigation of the terrorist attack in Manchester … Twenty-two people, including children, were killed and dozens wounded in an attack Monday night at the end of a concert Ariana Grande in Manchester (UK) The alleged author of Libyan […]

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After attack in Manchester, Emmanuel Macron is determined and committed against terrorism

Attack in Manchester: Macron “Determination and Commitment” against Terrorism

Emmanuel Macron spoke on Tuesday from the Embassy of Great Britain in Paris after the bomb attack on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Manchester. Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday at the Embassy of Great Britain in Paris, his “will to strengthen European cooperation” against terrorism after the attack in Manchester, and announced the holding of […]

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After the attack in Manchester, the mayor Anne Hidalgo has said that concerts are to contine

Attack in Manchester: The concerts Held in Paris to Continue

TERRORISM:  The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo said she hopes that the Vigipirate and Sentinel anti-terrorist operation  continue in Paris … The show must go on. This is the message from the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo speaking on micro Europe 1 on Tuesday, concerts and events planned in Paris in the coming days will take place despite the […]

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The sadness of the artists and politicians after the attack in Manchester

Attack in Manchester: The “Sadness” of Artists and Politicians

UNITED KINGDOM: The UK authorities emphasize the terrorist track … The horror that hit in England. At least 22 people were killed and sixty injured on Monday night in Manchester, following an explosion that authorities consider a “terrorist” action, occurred at the end of a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. In Britain and abroad, reactions have multiplied from politicians and […]

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