Attack in Manchester: The concerts Held in Paris to Continue

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After the attack in Manchester, the mayor Anne Hidalgo has said that concerts are to contine

TERRORISM:  The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo said she hopes that the Vigipirate and Sentinel anti-terrorist operation  continue in Paris …

The show must go on. This is the message from the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo speaking on micro Europe 1 on Tuesday, concerts and events planned in Paris in the coming days will take place despite the Manchester bombing that killed 22 people and wounded sixty”, “we must of course continue.

Implementation of sustainable security

“Every event, whether on the highway or in concert halls or otherwise, is subject to special analysis with the services of the police headquarters in Paris, she said. The partners, the organizers of these events, whether public, private, on the street or not, working with the police department to analyze all security points. We also have a number of sites set up permanent security, I think, for example all rams dams that are installed.”

Maintaining a state of emergency

Anne Hidalgo said he hopes that the Vigipirate, Sentinel operation continues over Paris to help secure the sights and places of everyday life. She also ruled to maintain the state of emergency as necessary: ​​”I am not to have any qualms.” “I think obviously all these young people, these victims, these children, these parents, this confusion, this fear, she adds. It is a story that unfortunately is known and which returns us to those horrible moments of the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis. “

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