Chateaubriant: Soon a Second Foyer Jeunes Travailleurs

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The annexe of the foyer jeunes travailleurs, in Chateaubriant will open at the end of 2018

An annexe of the foyer jeunes travailleurs (FJT) is planned in the area of ​​the Ville-aux-Roses.A residence of twelve housing units should be released by the end of 2018.

Established in September 1997, the foyer jeunes travailleurs (FJT) which provides accommodation for young workers at a cheaper rate than through a private landlord, currently has an occupancy rate of 95 to 97%.  This from the beginning. “An average very high, especially for a home in rural areas,”explains Françoise Guinchard, President of the Association for Youth Housing in the region of Chateaubriant (ALJC).

In 2009, a new temporary habitat Service homestay was launched. “It connects a young and a host. It works well, but there are still so many young people who knock on the door. So it was urgent that something is done to resolve this,” assures Françoise Guinchard.  And that “some thing”, it is an extension of the hostel for young workers.  A residence of twelve housing units with common areas (lounge, kitchen, laundry) is expected to open at the end of 2018.  Habitat 44, who is the owner agrees to renovate and transform the social housing into a suitable place of accommodation for young people.

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