Sarah Harding, in London, in 2017.

Sarah Harding, ex-Girls Aloud, Reveals at 39, She Has Only a Few Months to Live

PEOPLE: The artist, Sarah Harding who announced in August to be suffering from breast cancer, wrote the book “Hear Me Out” which “The Times” quoted several extracts before its release on Saturday. “In December, my doctor told me that the coming Christmas would probably be my last,” writes Sarah Harding in her book Hear Me Out, which […]

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British health authorities have decided to lower the alert level for the Covid-19 pandemic one step further, the risk of hospital flooding having "receded" in the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus: United Kingdom Lowers Alert Level, Less Pressure on Hospitals

EPIDEMIC: “The threat of flooding the national health service or other health services within 21 days has receded,” said the health authorities of the United Kingdom British health authorities decided on Thursday to lower the alert level relating to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the risk of submersion of hospitals having “receded” in the United Kingdom, subjected to severe […]

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Brits face 10 years in prison if they lie about where they come from

Brits Face 10 Years in Prison if they Lie about Where they Come From

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, 33 countries are strongly discouraged for UK travellers, who risk very high if they cheat. Portugal, South Africa, Brazil… London has put 33 destinations on a “red list”, strongly discouraged because of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic and the spread of mutations. And if he took the urge to a traveller to […]

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Serial Killer Levi Bellfield has received a vaccination letter

British Serial Killer Received Vaccination Letter as Millions of Elderly and Vulnerable People Line Up

UNITED KINGDOM: A “national scandal” in Great Britain. One of the most famous serial killer has been offered an anti-Covid vaccination spot, ahead of millions of the elderly and the most vulnerable. Three-person killer Yusuf Rahim, better known as Levi Bellfield, including 13-year-old Milly Dowler, has received a vaccine proposal in the coming weeks even as […]

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The UK has reported 77 cases of the South African mutation of Coronavirus

UK has Detected 77 Cases of South African Mutation of Coronavirus

MUTATION: There have been 77 cases of the South African mutant strain of coronavirus now detected in the UK. The UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock gave the figure this morning, saying that all of the cases of the South African mutation of the coronavirus seen so far were in people who had recently travelled. Mr […]

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Boris Johnson has received a call from Joe Biden

Boris Johnson, First EU Head of Government to Receive a Call from Joe Biden

PHONE CALL: New US President Joe Biden has sharply criticised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the past Boris Johnson and Joe Biden agreed on Saturday to deepen ties between the two countries, in their first telephone interview since the second’s inauguration as President of the United States. The British Prime Minister also congratulated Joe Biden on his inauguration. According to […]

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British coronavirus mutation is more deadlier says Boris Johnson

Coronavirus: British Mutation is Deadlier, Warns Boris Johnson

EPIDEMIC: Studies are underway around the world to determine the reasons for the greater contagiousness of the British mutation of coronavirus The mutation of the new coronavirus detected in Great Britain and already present in sixty other countries seemed to be not only more contagious but also more deadly, announced the British Prime Minister, this Friday, confirming the worst fears. This […]

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Vaccination in UK: AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine begins to be injected

Vaccination in UK: AstraZeneca and Oxford Vaccine Begins to be Injected

COVID-19: UK authorities have ordered 100 million doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, of which 520,000 are ready on Monday The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has already been injected to more than a million Britons since the launch of the vaccination campaign in early December. This Monday, the United Kingdom becomes the first to administer to its population the vaccine from the British laboratory AstraZeneca and […]

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Confinement across England against Coronavirus until March

Coronavirus: The New Confinement in England in Place until March

EPIDEMIC: By mid-February, authorities in England hope to have vaccinated everyone over 70 The new confinement put in place in England in the face of the surge in contamination due to the new variant of the coronavirus will not begin to be lifted until March, a British government minister warned on Tuesday. “As we enter (the month of) March, we […]

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Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, and Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Prime Minister, meet in the summer of 2019.

United Kingdom: Boris Johnson Reaffirms his Opposition to a New Referendum for Scottish Independence

INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM: 58% of Scotland would vote for independence according to latest polls, a record British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday reaffirmed his opposition to the holding of a new referendum on the independence of Scotland, ardently desired by the head of the Scottish government, who wants Scotland, once independent, to join the European Union. “In my experience, the referendums […]

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