Storm: 45,000 People without Electricity in Pays de la Loire

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Storms have caused 45,000 homes in the Pays de la Loire to be without electricity

Major storm on Monday morning, 6th March has caused incidents on the electrical network of Pays de la Loire, mainly in the Loire-Atlantique and Vendée.

The strong gusts of wind and precipitation the morning of Monday 6th March disrupted the electricity grid in the Pays de la Loire, mainly because of falling branches or trees.

At 11 am, 45,000 homes were without electricity, in an announcement by Enedis, in a statement. More than 20,000 in Loire-Atlantique, 16.000 in the Vendée, 7,500 in Maine et Loire and 500 Sarthe and Mayenne.

Troubleshooting teams mobilized

Troubleshooting teams rallied in numbers to restore the situation quickly.

Enedis warns that if any part of their network, cables or posts fall to the ground, they are dangerous and should in no case move or even come close.

Contact their service department on 09 726 750 + number of the department.

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