Missing Family near Nantes: How he tried to remove the bodies

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How they tried to get rid of the bodies of the missing Troadec family missing near Nantes

The brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec confessed on Sunday 5th March, and admitted killing four members of the Troadec family, missing since February 16th from near Nantes. He would have beaten them with a crowbar before transporting the bodies to Brittany.

Did he come to do battle in Orvault? Or did he drive 350 km to “monitor” the Troadec family, as he told investigators from the judicial police during his custody on Sunday?

The scenario of the drama that has developed on February 16th in the house of the rue d’Auteuil in Orvault near Nantes, is still unclear. Many mysteries remain in the statements of brother Pascal Troadec, who admitted yesterday Sunday, March 5, killing four family members .

He is currently, along with his partner in the office of judge, in the Nantes courthouse.

A crowbar

Asked on Sunday, the brother of Pascal Troadec would explain killing four family members with a crowbar. Contesting premeditation, he explains that he found this item in the house Orvault.

The bodies of Brigitte, Pascal, Charlotte and Sébastien would have been kept in the garage before being transported, following the weekend disappearance, towards Brittany. The brother would have removed the bodies dismembering them. Parts of bodies were buried, others burned.


A question over inheritance is the cause for this quadruple murder . He returns as an obsession in the head of the alleged killer, not that we know the extent of this inheritance.

Investigators are still cautious. There remain many inconsistencies between the statements of the former brother-in-law and his companion, including the sequence of events.

The DNA analysis of the house and the car is what investigators to the brother-in-law.

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