Yellow vests will be in La Roche-sur-Yon this Saturday

Les Sables-d’Olonne: Act XIII Yellow Vests will take Place in La Roche-sur-Yon

After their first general meeting on Friday 8th February, the yellow vests will go to La Roche-sur-Yon, Saturday 9th February Les Sables-d’Olonne movement of yellow vests continues this weekend in La Roche-sur-Yon. Friday 8th February 8, at 7pm, a first general assembly is organised, to discuss in particular the referendum of citizens’ initiative, the Assembly of […]

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Cold and ice are expected on the Vendee this Friday before a return of disturbances

Weather: Arrival of the Cold this Friday in Vendée

Falling temperatures are announced for the Vendée with the risk of ice storms before a return of disturbances After the softness and the rain, the cold makes its arrival in the department of Vendée this Friday, December 13 according to the forecasts of Climat Vendée . “With the return of rain overnight, the temperatures are in sharp decline . Many morning frosts are expected. We expect up to -2 or […]

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Yellow Vests block the refinery at Donges

“Yellow Vests” in Loire-Atlantique: Fuel Trucks Blocked in Donges

FUEL PRICES PROTEST: The Donges oil depot is blocked by “Yellow Vests” protesters on Monday morning … They had announced their intention to prevent the supply of petrol and diesel. They kept their word. Since 7am on Monday morning, protesters claiming the movement “yellow vests” block the tankers entering and leaving the fuel depot of Donges. The protesters are […]

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Tour de France Road closures in the Vendée

Tour de France: All About Road Closures in the Vendée

The Vendée will have its time of the Tour de France cyclists on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July. Motorists will have to make their arrangements. The Vendée is preparing to host the Grand Départ of the Tour de France cycling, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July. On the roads of the department, priority will be given to the peloton. To […]

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Seven departments are on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: Seven Departments of the West Remain on Orange Alert, this Monday Morning

This Monday 2nd July, 2018, seven departments of the West of France are still on orange alert for thunderstorms, severe rain and floods. Météo France has updated its national vigilance bulletin , this Monday, July 2, at 6 am. Seven departments in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire remain on orange alert while a rainy and stormy episode is […]

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Thunderstorms hit the western part of the country this Sunday, June 3rd

Thunderstorms in the West: Expected Local Floods, Wind Gusts of 103 km/h

This Sunday, 48 departments were placed on orange alert due to a new episode of thunderstorms. Heavy rains accompanied by violent gusts hit the west. New and umpteenth stormy episode, this Sunday. While 48 western departments are placed on orange alert ,thunderstorms penetrated western France in the middle of the afternoon, from southern Brittany to the Basque Country. Local floods […]

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36 departments in France on Orange Alert for thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: 36 Departments of the West, North, Ile-de-France and East on Orange Alert

Several departments of the northern half of France are in orange alert for violent thunderstorms this Monday, according to Meteo France. Thirty-six departments of the West, North, Ile-de-France and East are placed Monday in orange vigil for violent storms with a risk of hail, according to Meteo France . The alert is valid from 10am Monday to 6am on Tuesday morning, for the […]

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PSG have won the Coupe de France

Coupe de France: PSG Wins, but the Herbiers have been Valiant Competitors

Wednesday night, the PSG won its fourth Coupe de France in a row, facing a valiant club Herbiers (2-0), which will be held in front of the Parisian ogre. A chasm was supposed to separate them: the PSG has logically won its fourth Coupe de France in a row, a record, but without managing to crush the brave […]

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The prefecture of Vendée announced this Friday the opening of additional emergency places for the homeless because of falling temperatures.

Cold Wave: In the Vendée, Emergency Places Opened for the Homeless

While a cold snap will affect France next week, additional places are open in the Vendée for the homeless. A total of 128 emergency places for the homeless are available in Vendée. The 104 places of emergency accommodation mobilized since the 1st November 2017, plus the Vendée prefecture has just announced an additional 24 places will now be available so that an episode of cold will befall […]

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An Earthquake of 4.8 magnitude in Vendee during the night

Vendee: An Earthquake of a Magnitude 4.8 in the Night

An earthquake woke the Vendee, on the night of Sunday to Monday, causing no injuries. The epicenter was located at the boundary between the Vendee and Deux Sevres. The tremor was felt even in Vienne. Firefighters in Vendée, Deux-Sèvres received dozens of phone calls on Monday 12th February at dawn. Calls for people reporting that they had been […]

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