A saleswoman Raped in her Shop, a Suspect Arrested in Rennes

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The police have arrested a man in Rennes, suspected of raping the ssaleswoman of a shop in Vitre

On October 10, at the end of the day, a saleswoman who was alone in the centre of a shop in Vitre, was a rape victim. Suspect, a man, aged 36, was arrested by the police on Monday morning at Rennes.

Monday, October 10, in the afternoon, a saleswoman is only person in a store in the centre of Vitre, at the time of closing.  An individual then burst into the shop. He threatened and raped her, then left the scene.

Criminal technicians of the police quickly mobilized alongside men of the gendarmes brigade of Vitre to investigate.

In custody

Monday, 7 am, a man suspected of rape, was arrested by gendarmes in Rennes.

Presented to a magistrate of Rennes on Thursday, he was placed under investigation for “rape”and “sexual assault” and remanded in custody. He disputed the qualification of rape.

The suspect, aged 36, has been convicted several times for driving offenses including, but not for acts of this nature. This father who has a job is experiencing alcohol and drug problems.

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