Rennes CHU hospital is a victim of a cyberattack

Rennes: Victim of a Cyberattack, the CHU now has access to Email (but not the Internet)

PIRACY: Since 21st June, a hacker attack on the Rennes Hospital left it unable to access electronic messages and email We still don’t know what kind of data was stolen. But since Monday, the staff of the Rennes University Hospital can once again converse with the rest of the world. Victim of a cyberattack on June 21st, […]

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An earthquake shook western France on Friday June 16, 2023 around 6:30 p.m

Earthquake in Western France: Strong Tremor with a Magnitude between 5.3 and 5.8, Material Damage Recorded

The earthquake, with an epicentre halfway between La Rochelle and Niort, was felt from Bordeaux to Saint-Malo It was 6:38 p.m. when the building began to shake. A slight ripple cast a silence in our little editorial office. In the heat and humidity of a Friday evening, the earth shook in Rennes. The Breton capital is not […]

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In Brittany, the sea temperature is higher than normal

In Brittany, the Sea Temperature is Much Higher than Normal

In this month of June 2023, the sea reaches high temperatures along the coasts of Brittany. Temperatures are sometimes 3°C higher than seasonal norms. In this month of June 2023, the heat is strong in Brittany. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, the air temperature could rise to 30°C to 32°C between Rennes and Ancenis, and 27°C […]

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Shortage of fuel: "If they release us, we will go elsewhere" ... The blockages will not stop

Shortage of Fuel: “If they Release us, we will go Elsewhere” … The Blockages will not Stop

PROTESTS: After the failure of the motion of censure, unions and opponents of the pension reform know that the week is decisive to obtain the withdrawal of the law The Vern-sur-Seiche fuel depot, near Rennes, is paralyzed by demonstrators opposed to pension reform. As the gasoline shortage slowly sets in, union activists believe that the […]

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In Rennes, the former occupied cinema has been evacuated

Pension Reform: In Rennes, the Former Occupied Cinema has been Evacuated

END OF DANCE: The occupation of the L’Arvor cinema started on Saturday after a stormy demonstration against the pension reform The L’Arvor cinema in Rennes had been occupied since March 11 following the demonstration against the pension reform. This Monday morning, the police are evacuating the old cinema at the request of the city, owner of […]

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Gendarmes evacuate the Salle de la Cité in Rennes

Pension Reform in Rennes: The Gendarmes Evacuate the Salle de la Cité Occupied by Students

PROTESTS: After preventing a meeting of the Nupes on Wednesday evening, several dozen individuals spent the night in the concert hall against the pension reform Occupied by opponents of the pension reform since Wednesday evening February 8, the hall of the City was evacuated this Thursday morning at the request of the city.  The police […]

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In Rennes, A 2,000-year-old archaeological treasure was hidden under the courtyard of this former college

Rennes: A 2,000-year-old Archaeological Treasure was Hidden under the Courtyard of this Former College

EXCAVATIONS: A shale quarry in Rennes that was used for the construction of Condate in Gallo-Roman times was brought to light by Inrap An old shale quarry that was used for the construction of the first streets and foundations of Condate was unearthed in Rennes. Conducted by Inrap archaeologists, the excavations have made it possible […]

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Weather forecast for Rennes

Weather Forecast for Rennes, this Saturday 19th November

WEATHER REPORT: The weather in Rennes will gradually improve during the day and give way to sunny spells. Temperatures will be 7°C in the morning and 11°C in the afternoon… An improvement is announced during the day in Rennes, where the clouds will dissipate. Values ​​of around 7°C are anticipated. The highs will go up to 12°C while […]

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Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian striker Neymar reacts after missing an opportunity against Rennes, during their L1 match on May 9, 2021 at Roazhon Park.

Ligue 1: PSG Sees the Title Fly Away, OM Disappointing, Monaco Again in the Race

In the top quartet of the championship, Paris Saint-Germain – PSG is the only one to have made a false note this weekend, against Rennes. Lille is still three points ahead. With two days to go, Paris Saint-Germain compromised on Sunday 9th May 2021 its title chances in Rennes (1-1), Monaco got back on the podium and Marseille weakened its fifth place in Europe, in […]

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A man was arrested in Rennes after organising a party during curfew

Rennes: A Man Arrested for Having Organised a Party with 25 People in his Apartment

CURFEW: The police in Rennes was alerted by the stocks of alcohol carried out by the tenant after complaints from neighbours of a party during curfew For several weeks now, the police have been trying to put an end to the recurring nighttime noise of an inhabitant of the Gros-Chêne slab, in the district of […]

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