Weather in Lorient: Bright Saturday, Rainy Sunday

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The weekend weather for lorient will be a mixture between sunshine on Saturday and Rain on the Sunday

The weekend in the region of Lorient, promises a mixture between the sun today, rain tomorrow …

The very active depression centered west of Corunna will generate temporary return on Sunday with some rain.


Mists at dawn moving towards a bright morning with sails high altitude cumulus and some medium altitude. Feels comfortable in the sun at midday despite the altitude of sails. In the afternoon, the generous sun on the coastal edge, despite high altitude white filaments increasingly thick made with discrete cumulus north of Guidel-Lanester.

Wind is weak in morning, freshening in the afternoon (force 3-4 gusting 30-40 km/h, 50 Groix). westerly swell 1 m. Low: 5 /6 degrees; High: 15 °/16 °; (4 ° / 5 ° to 15 ° / 16 ° in the campaign). cloudy and nightly fee; 10 degrees at 8pm, 8 degrees at midnight.


Bright and hazy at dawn, the sky clouded over and then covered before the end of the morning. The arrival of a fairly active front by mid-day in the ocean will generate continuous rainfall, moderate to fairly abundant.

Ongoing first rains and supported the early afternoon gave way to more intermittent rainfall before the start of the front, in the late afternoon, generating a return of cloudy by the coast.

Wind southeast strong enough in the morning (force 5 gusting 50-60 km / h, 70-75 Groix) veering south and southwest moderate the afternoon (gusts 30-40 km/h, on 50 Groix). Houle west 1.5m. Low: 7 ° / 8 °; High: 15 /16 degrees; (6 / 7 ° to 15 °/ 16 °). Mostly cloudy in the evening; 11 to 20 hours, 9 ° at midnight.

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