Great weather announced in Brittany for this Easter weekend.

Weather: The Sun at the Highest in Brittany for this Great Easter Weekend

Météo France forecasts forecast a lot of sun for this great Easter weekend in Brittany. With temperatures that tickle the 20 °. The big sun that illuminates Brittany this Friday 19th April, 2019 is heralding a beautiful weekend on the region, while many summer visitors are expected until Easter Monday. It will take advantage especially until Sunday, because […]

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Easter weekend weather for Morbihan

Weather in Morbihan: A Beautiful Weekend but a Rainy Easter Monday

We were getting closer to the perfect Easter weekend in Morbihan. But a depression arriving Monday decided otherwise. Showers will be expected all day. From this Friday afternoon, the sun will show and show well. According to Meteo-France , the sky should be totally clear over Plouay and Questembert . And in addition, it will be hot: 19 degrees near the coast at 24 degrees inland. #CLIMATOLOGIE #BRETAGNE #TEMPÉRATURES Quelle est pour […]

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The Saint-Aubin -des-Landes Grocery shop reopens

Saint-Aubin-des-Landes: The Grocery Store-Bar-Tabac Reopens its Doors

The Saint-Aubin-des-Landes grocery store has been welcoming customers since April 10th. It offers other various services. The trade of food-bar-tobacco-games reopened Wednesday 10th April. Alexandra Delmaere has the management , the commercial skills and the funds belonging to the town hall . Arriving from Morbihan, where she recently held a restaurant-food, Alexandra chose to open in Saint-Aubin-des-Landes. “A village that suits me. I want to help the population with novelties […]

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The 4 Seasons shoe shop is moving closer to the centre of Retiers

Retiers: The 4 Seasons Shoe Shop is Getting Closer to the Centre

Anita Sourdril, manager of the 4 seasons shoes shop in Retiers, left the rue du Maréchal Foch to open Place Saint-Pierre in a bigger place Anita Sourdril , manager of the 4 seasons shoes shop , located at 8, rue du Marechal Foch, in Retiers , for ten years, comes from moved. The new shop located at 14, Place Saint-Pierre is larger with 50 m 2 of commercial space. […]

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Sunny Saturday, rain and cold Sunday in Lorient

Weather in Lorient: Sunny Saturday, Cold and Rain on Sunday

WEEKEND WEATHER: Changeable weekend for Lorient, with a lovely sunny Saturday, but colder on Sunday The anticyclone focused from Scandinavia to Brittany will generate a descent of cold air altitude across Lorient. Saturday 13th April, 2019 Rare mists and feeling of cold at dawn moving towards a sunny morning and mid-day despite fine sails of […]

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Snow, Rain and hail are forecast for the Côtes d'Armor

Snow, Hail and Ice, Gendarmes Call for Vigilance in Côtes d Armor

Cold and snow showers or hail make the traffic conditions difficult Thursday 4th April and it should still be the case for two days. It has been cold these last few nights in Brittany and it is not finished. The rain sometimes turns into snow, mixed snow or hail , making traffic conditions difficult , especially in Côtes d’Armor Thursday 4th April, 2019. The evenings […]

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Weekend weather forecast for Lorient

The Weather in Lorient: Spring Saturday, Stormy Sunday

WEEKEND WEATHER: The forecast for the weekend in Lorient is for a nice springlike Saturday, but a stormy episode on Sunday … The central Atlantic anticyclone with Central Europe blocks the oceanic disturbed flow. The weekend of March 30th and 31st, 2019, the sun will be generous in the area of Lorient, before a stormy episode […]

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Yellow Vests: The RN 12 Blocked at Langueux and Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are demonstrating in Saint-Brieuc Saturday 23rd March. After the city centre, it is the turn of the RN 12 to be blocked and Langueux. Since 1pm, this Saturday 23rd March, nearly 400 yellow vests are demonstrating in Saint – Brieuc as part of the act 19 of the movement . Around 4.15pm, they arrived on the RN 12. The convoy […]

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Nearly 400 yellow vests march in Saint-Brieuc

Yellow Vests: Nearly 400 Demonstrators March on Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are resolved to demonstrate in downtown Saint-Brieuc this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 and to defy the ban issued by the prefect. At the call of Yellow Vests , about 400 demonstrators gathered this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 in the early afternoon at the roundabout Brézillet. Around 2pm, they began a march towards the center of Saint-Brieuc ( Côtes-d’Armor ), […]

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The Brest rap group, Frère X 34, has launched crowdfunding for his first album project (© Melina Jaouen).

The Brest Rap Group, Frère X 34, Will Release their First Album

The Brest rap group, Frère X 34 intends to release his first album in the coming months. Crowdfunding has been launched. It’s a crazy bet. In February 2019, the members of Brest’s rap group , Frère X 34 , took the pens. The goal: to make an albumin three months, composed in the ideal of 12 tracks, with titles exclusively unpublished and which will be […]

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