Calais: Twenty Injured During a Brawl between Migrants

Local News
Twenty migrants injured at the Jungle in Calais after clashes

The brawl, which erupted Wednesday night, involved between 50 and 100 people …

Nineteen wounded and nearly a hundred people involved. Wednesday night, a violent brawl broke out in the Jungle of Calais. The clashes occurred in the open part of the camp, out of the temporary reception camp with its containers.

A brawl between Sudanese and Afghans

According to the Newspaper, Nord Littoral , which relates the facts of the fight, origin unknown, has pitted Sudanese one side and Afghans on the other. Police used tear gas to disperse migrants. Attacked, police received shots from migrants and “No Border activists”, according to the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais. No injuries were reported from the police side

Wounded with knives

Most of the injured migrants, who had wounds and bruises were transported to hospital in Calais. According to the newspaper Nord Littoral , some were injured with knives.

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