Migrant camp in Calais, four days after the start of evacuation in October

Calais: The Demolition of the “jungle” Resumed

MIGRANTS:  Three towering diggers penetrated the north end of camp at calais … The demolition of the “Jungle” in Calais, now deserted, resumed Saturday morning, two days since the announced end of operations. Shortly after 8am, three imposing diggers penetrated the north end of the camp, and started to pick up debris huts ravaged by fire this […]

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Lily Allen broke down in tears on a visit to the Calais Jungle

Calais: The Singer Lily Allen Broke Down in Tears in the “Jungle”

MIGRANTS: The British star came to help the volunteers … Neither seen nor known. Her visit to the “Jungle” in Calais had gone unnoticed. Impossible to know when Lily Allen visited the camp of migrants. One thing is certain: her coming was revealed on Wednesday in a report broadcast by the BBC . The singer apologized “on […]

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The English are installing 300 metres of fencing at Calais to aid with the migrant problem at the port

Migrants: The English are Installing New Fencing in Calais

Several hundred meters high fences will be installed to further secure the port ring road to Calais … Avoid “invasions of migrants”. The British government will finance the installation of three hundred meters of additional fencing along the bypass port of Calais. Work will be performed “by the summer”. Securing “vital” for the economy “The […]

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Twenty migrants injured at the Jungle in Calais after clashes

Calais: Twenty Injured During a Brawl between Migrants

The brawl, which erupted Wednesday night, involved between 50 and 100 people … Nineteen wounded and nearly a hundred people involved. Wednesday night, a violent brawl broke out in the Jungle of Calais. The clashes occurred in the open part of the camp, out of the temporary reception camp with its containers. A brawl between […]

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