Bordeaux: The Lycee and College Students Mobilized Thursday against the Labour Law

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Students protest in Bordeaux against the proposed Labour Law

A new protest event is organized at the initiative of students and student unions on Thursday to say no to Labour law, even in its revised version …

Thursday’s high school and student organizations call to mobilize against the Labour Bill, El Khomri, even in its revised form. A mobilization had already taken place on March 9 and collected at least 10,000 people in the streets of Bordeaux.

From 11am, the students were expected to leave their settlements and move towards the Place Pey-Berland. A rally is planned from 12:30, at place de la Victoire.

The University of Humanities is closed for the day because of this mobilization. The annex Broca 1 that had been vandalized the night following the mobilization will remain closed. Classes must resume Friday.


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