Rennes: Clashes between Students and police

Local News
Students clash with Police in Rennes against proposed new Labour Law

The protest against the El Khomri law escalated in Rennes in front of Hotel de Ville. About 300 protesters defy police who retaliated with tear gas.

The protest against the El Khomri law has degenerated in Rennes.  Between 300 and 450 protesters defied security forces in the square of the Hotel de Ville. The police retaliated with tear gas. The situation was very tense.

Police Officer Injured

A Police officer was injured during the clashes. Arriving at the town hall at 1pm, some protesters threw paint hitting the side of the Hotel de Ville, before trying to force the door leading inside the building. They were repelled by police. During the clashes a police officer was wounded in the head. Police also managed to arrest a man.

Protests led by Students

Protests that today have been led mainly by students from the lycees and student organisations, started their protests at the railway station, invading the tracks and blocking trains before moving into the centre of the City. It is estimated that the height of the event, the procession of protesters numbered over 5000 people.

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