Migrants: Malta refuses refueling Ocean Viking humanitarian boat

Migrants: Malta Refuses Refueling Ocean Viking Humanitarian Boat

The successor of Aquarius, the Ocean Viking, chartered by SOS Mediterranean and Médecins sans Frontières, must rescue migrants off the coast of Europe. The Maltese authorities refused Wednesday 7th August 2019 full of fuel to the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking of SOS Mediterranean and Médecins sans Frontières, announced on board AFP the head of relief operations to […]

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More than 110 migrants missing after sinking off Liby

More than 110 Migrants Missing after Sinking off Libya

This is “the worst tragedy in the Mediterranean this year,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Thursday 25th July 2019. More than 110 migrants are missing after the sinking of their boat off Libya on Thursday, July 25, 2019, a new drama described by the UN as the “worst” tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea this year. According to the International […]

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Sinking off the coast of Tunisia: more than 80 missing migrants

Sinking off the Coast of Tunisia: More than 80 Missing Migrants

An inflatable boat with more than 80 migrants aboard, mainly from West Africa, was wrecked between Libya and Tunisia. There are only three survivors. A boat with more than 80 migrants on board was wrecked between Libya and Tunisia, leaving fears of dozens dead, according to the testimony of one of the three survivors who spent two days hooked to what […]

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19 migrants were rescued Wednesday 5 June 2019 off Calais.

Calais: 19 Drifting Migrants Rescued off the Coast

The maritime gendarmerie of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) has recovered on board a drifting boat 19 migrants Wednesday 5th June, 2019. They were in a very bad position when they were rescued. Wednesday 5th June 2019, the maritime gendarmerie of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) has recovered on board a boat adrift 19 migrants. They were then taken care of by firefighters and the SAMU in […]

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At the Channel Tunnel, they try and smuggle a migrant in a coffin

Channel Tunnel: They Try and Cross a Migrant in a Coffin

They tried to cross the Channel Tunnel with an Iraqi migrant hidden in a coffin: two Polish carriers were arrested last week in Coquelles in the Pas-de-Calais and sentenced to fourteen months in prison, do we have learned from judicial source. The two road transport professionals from Poland came to the Eurotunnel site on Tuesday, […]

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The Aquarius continues on its way to Marseille

Migrants: The Aquarius “Continues on its Way to Marseilles,” says SOS Méditerrannée

MIGRANTS: Ghislaine Boyer, Project Manager at Sos Méditerranée, says that the Aquarius “continues its journey to Marseille”  “We are moving at our small pace, but we continue on our way to Marseille .”  Ghislaine Boyer, Project Manager within SOS Mediterranean, confirms the fact that the Aquarius has” resumed its route to Marseille “. According to RTL , quoting the coordinator of the MSF project aboard the Aquarius interviewed […]

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French President Emmanuel Macron Visits Pope Francis this Tuesday

Emmanuel Macron Meets Pope Francois for the First Time in the Vatican

On Tuesday, President Emmanuel Macron goes to the Vatican for the first time to meet Pope Francois. He will discuss the issue of migrants and secularism. French President Emmanuel Macron meets Pope Francis for the first time on Tuesday . This purely Vatican visit excludes any interview with the Italian populist government at loggerheads with Paris. However , the issue of migrants, flagship of […]

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Immigration demands from asylum seeking Migrants to the EU have fallen

For the First Time Since 2015, the Number of Asylum Applications Granted by EU Countries Dropped Sharply

IMMIGRATION: In 2017, 440,000 migrants received international protection in European countries, a decrease of 36% compared to 2016 according to the OECD annual report … In 2017, about 258 million people in the world lived outside their country of birth according to the OECD report published on Wednesday. Five million new migrants settled legally in OECD […]

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Macron and Merkel giving a press conference on Migrants and immigration

Macron and Merkel Want to Send Migrants Back to EU Countries of Entry

France and Germany have joined forces on the sensitive issue of immigration in Europe. They have recorded the referral the principle of returning migrants to the countries of entry The French President and German Chancellor announced Tuesday to work on an agreement between several countries in the Schengen area to refoulement any asylum seeker to the state […]

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The migrant camp of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris began to be evacuated by the authorities on the morning of June 4, 2018. (© AFP / LUCAS BARIOULET)

Paris: Double Evacuation of Migrant Camps

Evacuations were in progress Monday morning on the last two large unhealthy migrant camps in Paris Evacuations were ongoing Monday morning on the last two large unhealthy migrant camps in Paris, five days after a highly anticipated operation in the northeast of the capital that had allowed the shelter of a thousand people. The operation […]

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