A11: The Motorway Cut Between Le Mans and Angers after the Explosion of Gas Cylinders

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The A11 motorway is closed due to an explosion
The A11 motorway is closed due to an explosion
The A11 motorway cut in both directions – Maine et Loire Police / DR

The truck carrying a hundred gas cylinders caught fire causing large disturbances from Monday afternoon …

Nearly 24 hours after the accident, it is still cut off, “indefinitely” in both directions.  The A11 motorway between Le Mans and Angers, was the scene of a spectacular fire early on Monday afternoon. A truck carrying more than 900 gas cylinders caught fire at the town of La Chapelle Saint Laud, causing several explosions.

Some of the bottles, weighing between 13 and 35kg, were projected to tens of metres. Fortunately. there were no injuries reported.

Evacuation bottles and rehabilitation of the road

Since Tuesday morning, while the risk of explosion was still there that night, the operations are to ensure the bottles cooling to allow their recovery. The teams, along with a convenience store, will then attempt to approach the carcass of torched vehicle and evacuate. At noon on Tuesday, it had not been possible.

“An expert will then do a full inspection to establish the condition of the road and check how it was damaged by fire. Highway rehabilitation operations will most likely be necessary to enable restoration of safe passage, “Vinci noted in a statement.

Deviations in place

Tuesday afternoon, the motorway is still closed between Le Mans and Angers.  Deviations were set up in both directions of traffic at the interchange Seiches-sur-le-Loir towards the Le Mans, and the junction of Durtal towards Angers.  Traffic is disrupted.

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