Maine-et-Loire: The Missing Teenager was Found Dead 1

Maine-et-Loire: The Missing Teenager was Found Dead

Djabir Abdelmanane, a 15-year-old boy who has been missing since 16th June 2019 in Angers, was found dead at the end of July in Savennières (Maine-et-Loire). Djabir Abdelmanan had been missing since the 16th June 2019, when he left the family home in Angers (Maine-et-Loire). The police of Maine-et-Loire had launched, on the 24th June, a call for witnesses to find […]

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Which city do apartments rent the fastest

Studio, T2, T3, T4 … in Which Cities are the Apartments Renting the Fastest?

The site has achieved the ranking of cities where the time to rent apartments to a tenant are the shortest. Details. Finding accommodation is often a pain for both the tenant and the landlord . Whether it is a studio, a T2, a T3, T4, T5 … the apartments can leave very quickly depending on the city. To see more clearly, the site […]

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Near Angers, a five year old has been killed in a car accident

Near Angers: A Five Year Old Killed in a Car Accident

A dramatic traffic accident occurred on Monday 30th April, at approximately 6.30pm in the town of Cantenay-Épinard, north of Angers (Maine-et-Loire). A five-year-old died as a result of the accident. The balance of the accident that occurred Monday, shortly before 6.30pm, near Angers, and whose circumstances are unknown, is very heavy. A five-year-old child died, a nine-year-old […]

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Demonstration took place on Saturday in Angers

Angers: Demonstration for the Closure of a Far-Right Bar

SOCIAL:  An identity bar, called the Alvarium, opened a month ago in Angers … There are already some in Strasbourg or Lille . And each time, the opening of these “identity bars” obviously raises controversy. Several hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon in downtown Angers , to request the closure of one of them, open in late January discretion. The gathering was organized by the […]

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Death of Jean Guichard, a cultural figure for the Pays de la Loire

Death of Jean Guichard: Bruno Retailleau Praises “a Cultural Figure”

The actor, director and author Jean Guichard died on Wednesday in Angers. President of the Region Bruno Retailleau worked with Jean Guichard when he was vice president responsible for culture before 2004. It evokes the great man of the theatre, he knew, and paid tribute to him. Jean Guichard, creator of the Regional Theatre of the […]

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A Hangar caught fire at a farm near Angers

Near Angers: A Hangar Caught Fire in a Farmhouse, 250 m² Burned

Tuesday night at 8.36pm firefighters responded to an emergency call from a farm called The Himbaudière near Angers on a farm, where a hangar that housed hay caught fire. At 8 am, they were still there to secure the area. In all, 250 m² hangar was destroyed by the flames. It was at a farm called The Himbaudière, […]

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The driver rams the customs officers near Angers

Angers: He Rams Police Blockade at Toll Road, 3.5 kg of Heroin Seized

In the car, 3.5 kg of heroin. A motorist fled after ramming the customs that were at the motorway toll of Corzé, on the A11, near Angers, in the night of Monday to Tuesday. He was on his way back, it seems, from the Netherlands. At about twenty kilometers north of Angers, a motorist came […]

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Christiane Lambert is to officially announced as the interim president of the FNSEA

Christiane Lambert Interim President of the FNSEA

Christiane Lambert, a farmer in Bouille-Menard (Maine-et-Loire) and Vice-President of the FNSEA, will be officially recognized, this Tuesday 21st February, as interim president of the FNSEA, after the sudden death of Xavier Beulin its president . Christiane Lambert, 55, senior vice president of the FNSEA, will be officially named interim president of the FNSEA, Tuesday […]

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