The return of 90km/h speed limit on certain roads

Speed ​​at 80 km/h: A First Victory for Opponents with the Senate Amendment

An amendment voted by the Senate opens the door for a return to 90 km/h speed limit on certain roads. A first step towards a return to the 90 km/h speed limit on certain roads? The Senate has just passed an amendment allowing local officials to set the maximum speed limit on secondary roads. This amendment gives competence to the […]

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Yellow Vests have damaged 60 percent of speed radars in France

Yellow Vests: Almost 60% of Damaged Radars, Tens of Millions of Euros of Damage

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner gave an update on the degraded radars since the beginning of the movement. Road Safety deplores a “dramatic phenomenon”. Burned, tagged, sheeted , repainted, covered with a yellow vest, or downright demolished. These are images that have probably not escaped you on the roads since mid-November 2018, starting point of the movement of yellow vests : […]

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Freezing fog in the Seine et Marne

Seine et Marne: Watch Out for Freezing Fog near Melun

Freezing fogs near Melun in the Seine et Maine reduce visibility. Caution on the roads. This Wednesday 26th December, temperatures fell in Seine-et-Marne.  In Melun, it should not be more than 3 ° C today. Mists, sometimes frosty, have appeared.  [EN DIRECT] 09:13 #Melun – brouillard givrant visibilité 350m. #Météo77 #SeineetMarne. Risque d’impact sur #A6 #N104. Toute la […]

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A motorist fined for going to slow in the Côte d'Or

60 km/ h Instead of 80: He is fined … for Driving Too Slowly

In Côte-d’Or, a driver was verbalized by the gendarmes because he was driving too slowly on a departmental road limited to 80 km/h. He was fined 22 euros. “Frankly, it’s unfair! An inhabitant of the Loire has been caught travelling at 60 km/h on a main road limited to 80, between Dijon and Chalon-sur-Saone (Côte-d’Or). 20 km/h below the maximum permitted […]

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The third night of searching the rubble at the Genoa disaster

Genoa Disaster: Third Night of Searching Among the Rubble

Three days after the collapse of a viaduct in Genoa, Italy, the provisional record shows 39 dead, including children, and four young French. The searching continues. The rescuers continued for a third night their search in the rubble of the highway bridge that collapsed in Genoa , northern Italy, while people are still missing. Italy is still shocked […]

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Many bridges require repairs in France

Viaduct in Genoa: In France, 840 Bridges Threaten to Collapse

According to a report to the government in July, the overall state of the road network is very disturbing. More seriously, 7% of the 12,000 bridges are threatening to collapse. After the catastrophe of Genoa , this figure is cold in the back. In France, out of the 12,000 bridges in the country , 840 (or 7%) are threatening […]

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Collapse of a Viaduct in Genoa: At Least 30 Dead, According to the Government 1

Collapse of a Viaduct in Genoa: At Least 30 Dead, According to the Government

A new assessment of the collapse of a viaduct in Genoa, northwestern Italy reports about thirty deaths according to the government, which fears “an immense tragedy”. A long stretch of a viaduct of the A10 highway collapsed Tuesday in Genoa , northern Italy, reports about thirty dead and several seriously injured , while the Minister of Transport said to dread “an immense […]

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The speed limit of 80 km/h remains the rule on two-way roads

Appeal against the Reduction to 80 km/h: the Council of State does not Suspend the Decree

The Council of State rejected on Wednesday 25th July the appeal of 57 deputies who wanted to cancel the passage of the speed limit from 90 to 80 km/h. On Wednesday 25th July, the Council of State issued its decision on the urgent procedure filed by 57 deputies against the decree reducing the maximum speed limit allowed on two-way […]

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Speed limits on secondary routes in France reduced to 80 Km/h

It’s Done, Secondary Roads are now Limited to 80 km/h

After months of disputes, the change of the speed limits from 90 to 80 km/h on secondary roads is effective since Sunday 1st July Despite months of protest and controversy, the measure of reducing the speed limits comes into effect this Sunday, July 1st: 400,000 kilometers of roads are now limited to 80 km/h, not 90 km/h, […]

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Map of Speed Controls in Sarthe

The Map of Speed Controls in Sarthe from 5th to 8th June 2018

The gendarmes announce their presence on the roads of Sarthe. Here are the relevant sectors on our interactive map. The Gendarmerie of Sarthe announces several checks on the roads of the department. They will be present in particular: Tuesday, June 5, from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm, on the RD 57 at Parcé-sur-Sarthe and on the […]

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