Yellow vests block the A62 Motorway at Toulouse

Yellow Vests: Toll Roads Blocked at Toulouse-Nord, the A62 Completely Closed

The A62 motorway was completely closed at the toll of Toulouse-North, Monday 14th January, 2019 in the morning, because of a demonstration of yellow vests. Around 7 am, Monday 14th January, 2019, the A62 motorway was completely cut, in both directions of traffic, near Toulouse . The yellow vests occupy the toll of Toulouse-Nord, near Sesquières, from about 10pm on Sunday 13th January. Several […]

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The wall at Calais to protect the trucks from the migrants is completed

Calais: The “anti-migrant” Wall is Completed

CALAIS: The wall 4 metres high and 1 km long, extending the fences already installed on the ring road near the port … Building an “anti-migrant” wall on both sides of the ring road leading to the port of Calais, to prevent migrants getting smuggled in trucks is completed, said the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais on Monday. […]

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A truck accident closes the A62 Motorway at Agen, near Toulouse

A Truck Accident Causes the Closure of the A62 Motorway towards Bordeaux

A truck accident Tuesday morning led to cutting off the A62 between the Tarn-et-Garonne and Lot-et-Garonne … A truck accident took place Tuesday morning, around 8 am, on the A62 motorway between Valencia interchanges at Agen in the direction Toulouse / Bordeaux.   #NEWS #A62 Coupure dir° Bordeaux => opérations dépannage en cours. Sortie toujours obligatoire… […]

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The A11 motorway is closed due to an explosion

A11: The Motorway Cut Between Le Mans and Angers after the Explosion of Gas Cylinders

The truck carrying a hundred gas cylinders caught fire causing large disturbances from Monday afternoon … Nearly 24 hours after the accident, it is still cut off, “indefinitely” in both directions.  The A11 motorway between Le Mans and Angers, was the scene of a spectacular fire early on Monday afternoon. A truck carrying more than 900 […]

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