The A10 Motorway closed in Charente due to an accident

Charente-Maritime: The Trailer of a Truck Ignites, The A10 Closed

ACCIDENT:The A 10 motorway is closed in both directions of traffic this Friday near Mirambeau in Charente-Maritime The A 10 motorway is closed in both directions of traffic this Friday near Mirambeau in Charente-Maritime, about thirty kilometres north of the Bordeaux area. According to Bison Futé, the closure of this section of the A10 motorway follows […]

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Accident in the Drôme: one dead and three wounded, the traffic resumed on the A7

Accident in the Drôme: One Dead and Three Wounded, the Traffic Resumed on the A7

After the lifting operations, traffic gradually resumed on the A7 motorway in Drôme, the middle of the afternoon, this Sunday 8th September 2019. The A7 motorway was cut back and forth in the Drôme on Sunday 8th September 2019 after an accident involving a truck, a minibus and two light vehicles that left one dead and three […]

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A truck overturns and catches fire on the A61 motorway south of Toulouse

Toulouse: A Truck Overturns and Catches Fire on the A61 Motorway, Very Disturbed Traffic

ACCIDENT: Strong traffic disruption is recorded this Friday morning on the A61, south of Toulouse, after the accident of a heavy truck, which caught fire A truck that circulated on the A61 this Friday morning, in the direction Narbonne to Toulouse, had an accident at Avignonet-Lauragais. The truck loaded with food crossed the median to overturn on the reverse […]

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Yellow vests block the A62 Motorway at Toulouse

Yellow Vests: Toll Roads Blocked at Toulouse-Nord, the A62 Completely Closed

The A62 motorway was completely closed at the toll of Toulouse-North, Monday 14th January, 2019 in the morning, because of a demonstration of yellow vests. Around 7 am, Monday 14th January, 2019, the A62 motorway was completely cut, in both directions of traffic, near Toulouse . The yellow vests occupy the toll of Toulouse-Nord, near Sesquières, from about 10pm on Sunday 13th January. Several […]

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The wall at Calais to protect the trucks from the migrants is completed

Calais: The “anti-migrant” Wall is Completed

CALAIS: The wall 4 metres high and 1 km long, extending the fences already installed on the ring road near the port … Building an “anti-migrant” wall on both sides of the ring road leading to the port of Calais, to prevent migrants getting smuggled in trucks is completed, said the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais on Monday. […]

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A truck accident closes the A62 Motorway at Agen, near Toulouse

A Truck Accident Causes the Closure of the A62 Motorway towards Bordeaux

A truck accident Tuesday morning led to cutting off the A62 between the Tarn-et-Garonne and Lot-et-Garonne … A truck accident took place Tuesday morning, around 8 am, on the A62 motorway between Valencia interchanges at Agen in the direction Toulouse / Bordeaux.   #NEWS #A62 Coupure dir° Bordeaux => opérations dépannage en cours. Sortie toujours obligatoire… […]

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The A11 motorway is closed due to an explosion

A11: The Motorway Cut Between Le Mans and Angers after the Explosion of Gas Cylinders

The truck carrying a hundred gas cylinders caught fire causing large disturbances from Monday afternoon … Nearly 24 hours after the accident, it is still cut off, “indefinitely” in both directions.  The A11 motorway between Le Mans and Angers, was the scene of a spectacular fire early on Monday afternoon. A truck carrying more than 900 […]

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