State of Emergency: Searches and Arrests at Midnight in Nantes

Local News
Police conducted searches and arrests
Police conducted searches and arrests
Searches and arrests taking place in Nantes during the night.

Second wave of administrative searches in France that night.  It also passed through Nantes.  Three people were taken into custody.

Two administrative searches were conducted at midnight, in Nantes, as is the case in most large cities of France since the transition to the State of Emergency.

Three men were arrested in the district of Malakoff, although they had no direct link to the attacks in Paris. Over 500 grams of cannabis resin and 1000 euros were seized in a home.  A 9 mm weapon, Sig Sauer, was also discovered.  Three men are currently in custody to explain.

A second search was conducted in Chantenay. Without success.

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