A hunting accident occurred in the Gers, near Marciac.

A Hunter Seriously Wounded by a Bullet During a Wild Boar Hunt in the Gers

Sunday 30th December, 2018, a man who participated in a wild boar hunt in the Gers was seriously wounded by a bullet and was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital of Tarbes. Sunday, December 30, 2018, around 16 hours, firefighters Gers intervened in the town of Juillac , near Marciac , following a hunting accident . Seriously injured by a shot […]

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The health of Michael Schumacher remains a mystery

Formula 1: Five Years After his Accident, the Mystery Surrounding Michael Schumacher’s Health Remains

Absolute reference to Formula 1, Michael Schumacher lives idle for five years and his skiing accident, December 29, 2013. The seven-time world champion will celebrate his 50 years on January 3 and his health, precarious, remains a secret carefully guarded by his relatives. The family never wanted to communicate on this subject but in the […]

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The mountain biker took a bullet in the shoulder while driving in the Mirepoix sector (Ariège)

Another Hunting Accident: A Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Ariège

A mountain biker was shot by a hunter on Sunday 21st October, 2018 in Mirepoix (Ariège), where a wild boar hunt was held. Seriously injured, he was hospitalised in Toulouse. Another hunting accident in the region. It was eleven o’clock, Sunday, October 21, 2018, when a mountain biker was seriously wounded by the shot of a hunting […]

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A serious accident occurred on the spiral toboggan of Aqualand in Agen

Lot-et-Garonne: Serious Accident in a Toboggan at Aqualand in Agen, an Investigation Opened

Sunday 19th August, 2018, around 6.30pm, a serious accident occurred at Aqualand in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), a toboggan water park. An investigation has been opened. A tragedy occurred on Sunday 19th August, 2018, in the aqualand water park of Agen ( Lot-et-Garonne), which has only just recently opened.  At around 6.30pm, in the spiral slide, a woman was seriously injured while she was […]

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A little girl drowned at Sautatet waterfalls on Sunday

Gard: A Three Year Old Girl Drowns by Falling in the Sautatet Waterfalls

A three-year-old girl died drowned on Sunday after falling in the Sautatet waterfalls in the Gard. Terrible accident on Sunday 19th August, in the Gard . A three-year-old girl drowned, after falling in the waterfalls of Sautatet, La Roque-sur-Cèze . For a reason still unknown, the girl of three years fell in the waterfalls, around 3.30pm, reports France Bleu . She was found in […]

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Two people died in the crash of a twin-engine aircraft in Saint-Chamond (Loire)

Loire: A Tourist Plane Crashes on a Highway, Two Dead

It was around 12:15 pm on Saturday 31st March, 2018 when a twin-engine aircraft crashed into the A47 highway’s emergency lane in the Loire. Two people died. A tragic accident took place Saturday 31st March, 2018 in the municipality of Saint-Chamond (Loire) . Around 12.15pm, a twin-engine aircraft crashed  on the emergency stop band of the A47 motorway, explains Le Progrès . The pilot […]

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Skier falls 8 metres from chairlift after having an epileptic fit

Hautes-Alpes: A Skier Drops Eight Meters from a Chairlift

ACCIDENT: The skier suffered a epileptic seizure … According to information from La Provence , a skier fell eight meters when he was on a running chairlift, located on the Serre-Chevalier ski area in the Hautes-Alpes with his girlfriend. The man, of British nationality, was the victim of an epileptic seizure. Seriously injured, he was transported to the North Hospital of […]

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Trignac One Dead in Plane crash

Terrible accident this afternoon in Trignac. A light plane crashed on the bike path. The pilot is dead. The light passenger plane  took off from Montoir-de-Bretagne airport . According to witnesses, he would have gone into a spin by flying over the Emmaüs warehouse rue Baptiste Marcet, in the Altitude zone in Trignac.  A few meters further, at the Netter city near the […]

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Fatal collision near Deauville in Normandy

Fatal Collision near Deauville: The Crossing Remains Closed for Investigation Purposes

Sunday 21st January, 2018, a train hit a car on a level crossing in Saint-Arnoult close to Deauville (Calvados). Since then, the road that crosses the road is closed Sunday 21st January, 2018, a fatal collision killed one person on the crossing located Saint-Arnoult , near Deauville (Calvados).Since the accident, the road crosses the railway track is closed to allow investigators time to conduct […]

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A collision between a train and a van occurred in Saint-Arnoult (Calvados) near Deauville, Sunday 21st January

A Train Hits a Car near Deauville: One Dead

A collision between a train and a van occurred in Saint-Arnoult (Calvados) near Deauville, Sunday 21st January, 2018. The driver died. The accident took place on Sunday 21st January at 4.03 pm, near Deauville (Calvados). A collision between a train and a  car occurred on the crossing of Saint-Arnoult. After forcing the gate of the crossing, a utility vehicle has been caught by the train. Its […]

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