Airbus: EasyJet command thirty-six A320 for 3.6 billion euros

Easyjet has confirmed an order for 36 Airbus Aircraft
Easyjet has confirmed an order for 36 Airbus Aircraft
An Airbus A320 of EasyJet in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, 30 May 2014. – F. Lancelot / Sipa

The British airline EasyJet announced on Tuesday a firm order for 36 A320 aircraft, including 30 new generation …

EasyJet’s fleet is composed only of airplanes from Airbus, and this is set to continue. Today, Tuesday, the British low-cost airline has announced a firm order for thirty six A320, including 30 of the new generation planes. Whole catalog price of 3.8 billion dollars, about 3.6 billion euros.

Aircraft delivered between 2018 and 2021

These medium-haul aircraft, with a capacity of 186 seats, will be delivered between 2018 and 2021. According to EasyJet, they need to accelerate the replacement of its existing A319.

In detail, 30 options into firm orders for the A320neo were lifted. They were part of an agreement announced in June 2013, which provided an option on 135 A320, 100 neo.  EasyJet has added on Tuesday six firm orders for aircraft of the current generation A320.  The difference between “current” and “neo” is at the level of motorization.


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