Emmanuel Macron is visiting the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital centre this Thursday

Coronavirus: President Emmanuel Macron Visits the Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is visiting this Thursday noon at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital (Val-de-Marne), in the middle of a coronavirus covid-19 crisis. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is increasing the number of visits to nursing staff in Ile-de-France in the midst of the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis. While he was this Tuesday in Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the […]

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A gendarme died from the Coronavirus Covid-19 in France.

Coronavirus: Dead Gendarme from Covid-19

The national gendarmerie announces the death of a non-commissioned officer, the consequences of the coronavirus. The soldier was 51 years old and was originally from Val-de-Marne. Thursday 26th March 2020, the general direction of the national gendarmerie announces the death of a soldier, installed in Maisons-Alfort, in the Val-de-Marne. He is the first constable to succumb to the […]

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Laurent Nuñez and the prosecutor Laure Beccuau at L'Hay-les-Roses in the Val-de-Marne on January 3, 2020.

Knife Attack in Villejuif: What we Know about the Attacker

A man suffering from “psychological disorders” stabbed passers-by on Friday 3rd January in a park in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), leaving one dead and two injured, one of whom was serious. A young man suffering from “psychological disorders” stabbed passers-by on Friday 3 January 2020 in a park in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) , leaving one dead and two injured, including one […]

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Several victims are to be treated in knife attack at villejuif.

Knife Attack in Villejuif: At Least Two Dead and Several Injured

A man randomly attacked four people with a knife in the Hautes-Bruyères park, in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), this Friday 3rd January 2020 in the early afternoon. One person was killed and two were injured, including one seriously, Friday 3rd January 2020 in a knife attack perpetrated in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) by a man. According to the first elements, the attack took […]

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Pension reform strikes, blockages at Créteil

Strike of 3rd January. New RATP Bus Depot Block in Créteil

The strikers protesting the pension reform met around 4 a.m. at the RATP bus depot in Créteil on Friday. This Friday morning, activists and strikers protesting against the government’s pension reform project met in Val-de-Marne, in Créteil. They participated in a blockage of the RATP bus depot located in the city. The departmental union of […]

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Two Chronopost delivery men suspected of stealing a million euros in mobile phones

Two Chronopost Delivery Men Suspected of Stealing a Million Euros in Mobile Phones

The two delivery drivers of Val-de-Marne are on the run. They disappeared with a cargo of mobile phones worth one million euros. They had just been hired for the holidays in a subsidiary of Chronopost, as delivery men: two individuals are now actively sought by the judicial police of Val-de-Marne. These two employees are in fact suspected of stealing the […]

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Storms and strong winds are expected Monday, October 14, 2019 in Paris and Île-de-France. The region and its departments are placed in orange alert by Meteo France.

Thunderstorms, Strong Winds: Paris and all the Ile-de-France Placed in Orange Alert

Monday 14th October 2019, Meteo France has placed the departments of Ile-de-France in orange alert. Strong winds and thunderstorms are reported in the area. The forecasts Meteo France has placed, Monday 14th October 2019, the Île-de-France on orange alert. The eight departments –  Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise  – are concerned until Tuesday, October 15. Very active storm line and strong […]

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Parent offers fans at school, inspection removes them

Heat wave: A Student Parent Offers Fans at a School in Val-de-Marne, The Inspector Removes Them

HEAT WAVE: The father had paid 400 euros out of his pocket to buy the ten fans for the school in Val-de-Marne to combat the heat wave The father wanted to do well, it was not counting the passage of an inspector of Education. With the wave of heat raging in Ile-de-France and in most of the country, […]

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The Ile-de-France has been placed by Météo France at the orange alert level for thunderstorms.

Ile-de-France: Meteo France launches Orange Alert for Storms

Meteo France has launched an orange alert for storms for the entire Ile-de-France. The first are expected around 4pm this Tuesday 4th June This Tuesday, June 4, Météo France has placed the Ile-de-France on orange alert for storms . Are concerned Paris, the Seine-et-Marne, the Yvelines, the Essonne, the Val d’Oise, the Hauts-de-Seine, the Seine-Saint-Denis and the Val-de-Marne. The first storms are expected around 4pm to continue until 8pm. “The risk of intense phenomena warrants […]

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Two policemen were violently attacked by a group of individuals in Champigny-sur-Marne on Sunday 31 December 2017.

New Year: Two Police Officers Assaulted in the Val-de-Marne, over 1,000 Vehicles Torched

The Eve of New Year’s Eve was particularly violent. In addition to the two police officers attacked in the Val-de-Marne, the number of vehicles burned is rising. The New Year’s Eve was marked Sunday by the violent assault of two police officers, beaten during an intervention in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne) and an increase in the number of vehicles burned and arrests in France overnight. A […]

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