Heat wave: A Student Parent Offers Fans at a School in Val-de-Marne, The Inspector Removes Them

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Parent offers fans at school, inspection removes them

HEAT WAVE: The father had paid 400 euros out of his pocket to buy the ten fans for the school in Val-de-Marne to combat the heat wave

The father wanted to do well, it was not counting the passage of an inspector of Education. With the wave of heat raging in Ile-de-France and in most of the country, Philippe Bouriachi, parent and pupil referral EELV, decides to offer, from his pocket, ten fans in the school kindergarten Romain-Rolland of ‘Orly ( Val-de-Marne).  Total cost: 400 euros.

But the school asks him to withdraw them, at the request of the inspection, according to Le Parisien. “They would not be up to standard. But in my daughter’s class, without curtains or blinds, it’s 40 ° C! Philippe Bouriachi says.

“A call for tenders must be put in place”

For the academic inspection of Val-de-Marne, if Philippe Bouriachi’s approach is commendable, it does not meet the regulations imposed in schools. “Any material that arrives in a school of the first degree is subject to regulation in connection with the municipality,” says the inspection. To install new equipment in a classroom, a call for tenders must be put in place and the devices must meet the standards determined by the department. One way to “guard against any risk to the safety of students and staff,” according to the academic inspection.

Despite his good intentions, Philippe Bouriachi will have to come and get the fans in the next few days.

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