Motorist Killed after Altercation in Paris: Bus Driver in Prison

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Motorist killed after altercation in Paris: bus driver in prison

Tuesday 28th May, 2019, in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, the driver of a tourist bus is suspected of having voluntarily crushed a motorist after “exchange of blows”

The Bus driver of a tourist bus suspected of having killed a motorist in Paris after an altercation was indicted for murder and imprisoned on Thursday 30th May, 2019, the mayor also accusing his company of circulating without authorisation in the capital.

The 46-year-old man was presented to an examining magistrate in the morning before being indicted as part of an open judicial investigation for “intentional homicide,” AFP told prosecutors. He was remanded in custody, in accordance with the prosecution’s submissions.

“The motorist crushed against another bus”

He was arrested and placed in police custody on Tuesday, immediately after the tragedy that occurred at Voltaire quay in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. “A verbal altercation and physical” about a road clash was between the two men before things escalate, said a source close to the matter.

According to preliminary investigations, the double-decker bus crashed into the car in front of him. Angered, the 55-year-old driver would be out of his car.

The tone then rose between the two men who came to blows. After exchanges of blows, “the bus started and crushed the driver against another bus,” recounted a source close to the investigation. The victim died on the spot.

No authorisation to drive in the capital

Thursday, the mayor of Paris has also told AFP that the bus company, City Sightseeing Paris, “did not have permission” to circulate in the capital.

This company, whose buses allow tourists to go up and down along a predefined circuit, is one of four companies to offer this service in the capital.

However, according to the city of Paris – which however does not have jurisdiction on the file – only two of them are allowed to circulate.

City Sightseeing Paris could not be joined immediately.

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