The French Estimate that they are Missing 897 Euros to Achieve “Financial well-being”, according to this survey

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French not happy with their Financial Situation

INCOME: Only 4 out of 10 French people are mentally comfortable with their financial situation

Six out of ten French people are dissatisfied with their financial situation according to the Society and Consumption Observatory barometer published on March 29. Asked about their relationship with money for the online bank BforBank, two-thirds of respondents admitted that they regularly thought about money, and a quarter of them admitted that money was a source of stress.

The essential point of this barometer: the French do not have enough money to carry out all their projects, reports  Capital. Whether it’s a vacation, work, a major purchase such as a car or even starting a family, respondents would be missing on average 897 euros per month to achieve their desires.

A stronger need for seniors

For 27% of those questioned, this amount would even allow them to meet essential needs such as housing, food and clothing. For 23%, this money would free them from certain financial worries. Those aged 55-64 expressed a greater monthly need (1,014 additional euros per month), as did families with children (1,077 euros).

“’Financial well-being’ obviously covers different dimensions depending on individuals and personal situations,” confirmed Agnès Crozet, deputy general director of ObSoCo. According to the barometer, 40% of French people are in “financial well-being”. To reach this state, 87% believe that they need a regular income, not to be overdrawn or to be autonomous in the management of their savings.

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