Two Chronopost Delivery Men Suspected of Stealing a Million Euros in Mobile Phones

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Two Chronopost delivery men suspected of stealing a million euros in mobile phones

The two delivery drivers of Val-de-Marne are on the run. They disappeared with a cargo of mobile phones worth one million euros.

They had just been hired for the holidays in a subsidiary of Chronopost, as delivery men: two individuals are now actively sought by the judicial police of Val-de-Marne. These two employees are in fact suspected of stealing the cargo of their trucks: 250 parcels containing a total of nearly one million euros.

In any case, it is the assumption of the investigators, because the two deliverymen have disappeared with their cargo since their departure from the deposit of Alfortville.

According to information from the Parisian, one of the two vehicles was found with half of the load … The half that had the least value. If the two individuals gave a false identity to their employers, the police investigation is long.

“They made one or two deliveries in order to put their leaders in confidence and then, by estimating the value of their load, they quickly seized the opportunity,” says a source close to the investigation in the Parisian columns

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