Riots after Nahel’s Death: 719 People Arrested Overnight from Saturday to Sunday

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Riots after Nahel's death: 719 people arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday

URBAN VIOLENCE: Marseille and the whole of the Lyon area are the two cities most affected by the riots from the death of Nahel

Another troubled night. In France, 719 people were arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday during the fifth evening of violence after the death of a teenager, killed Tuesday by a police officer, said the Ministry of the Interior, in a still provisional report. .

At this stage, 45 police and gendarmes have been injured, 577 vehicles and 74 buildings have been set on fire, while 871 fires have been recorded on public roads, the ministry added. In addition, ten police stations, ten gendarmerie barracks and six municipal police stations were targeted, the ministry said.

The shocking attack on a mayor’s home

Marseille and the whole of the Lyon area are the two cities most affected by the violence, like the day before, a police source told AFP. In addition to the ram attack on the home of the mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses (Val-de-Marne), the official vehicle of the mayor of La Riche, near Tours in Indre-et-Loire, suffered the start of a fire, the same source said.

Among the other highlights: a local association was burned in Mantes-la-Jolie and another in Limay (Yvelines), said this source. An office of the House of Justice and Law in the Wiesberg district of Forbach (Moselle) was also burned.

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