Strike of 3rd January. New RATP Bus Depot Block in Créteil

Local News
Pension reform strikes, blockages at Créteil

The strikers protesting the pension reform met around 4 a.m. at the RATP bus depot in Créteil on Friday.

This Friday morning, activists and strikers protesting against the government’s pension reform project met in Val-de-Marne, in Créteil. They participated in a blockage of the RATP bus depot located in the city. The departmental union of the CGT of Val-de-Marne indicates that several professions participated in the movement: “Railway workers, teachers, local workers, and various depots in support and solidarity”. Union representatives from Henri-Mondor Hospital were also present on site.

Around 7.30am, the police intervened on the spot to unblock the buses.

The Paris police headquarters has announced that the Créteil depot, as well as the other Ile-de-France depots, will be unlocked at around 8am.

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