A laboratory participating in the search for a vaccine in Shenyang, China.

Coronavirus: Two Chinese Vaccines Already Administered to a Million People

EPIDEMIC: China has allowed inoculations of unauthorized vaccines for the coronavirus to certain people since this summer wo experimental anti-Covid vaccines from the Chinese firm Sinopharm have already been administered “urgently” to nearly a million people, the pharmaceutical company said on Friday, without however providing clinical data showing their effectiveness. For needs deemed urgent – such as employees and students going abroad, or […]

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An AstraZeneca plant in Boulder, Colorado

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca Vaccine Shows Encouraging Results in Older People

EPIDEMIC: The immune response in elderly patients is said to be identical to that elicited in young people, according to preliminary results to be confirmed in phase 3 Hope in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford said their vaccine against the coronavirus Covid-19 caused a good immune response in the elderly, particularly at risk from the […]

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Pfizer announces that its vaccine against Covid-19 is "90% effective"

Coronavirus: Towards a “Vaccination Certificate” to go to the Theatre or to a Restaurant?

A quote from Christophe Barbier, viral on social networks, suggests that a “vaccination certificate” would condition our trips in the future. In fact, the editor made this proposal on his Twitter account, it is not a government project A publication widely relayed on Facebook suggests that the vaccine against Covid-19 could become a kind of “pass” […]

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The coronavirus vaccine has not yet been validated as politicians are already speaking out in favor of its obligation. A good idea ?

Coronavirus: Should a Future vaccine against Covid-19 be made compulsory?

EPIDEMIC: The coronavirus vaccine has not yet been validated as politicians are already speaking out in favour of its obligation. A good idea? This Monday, the hypothesis of finding a vaccine against the coronavirus was reinforced by the announcement of a vaccine candidate 90% effective. Shortly after this announcement, politicians launched the idea of ​​imposing a future […]

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Despite the announcement of a vaccine that is 90% effective against the coronavirus, the French remain suspicious.

Coronavirus: 60% of French Oppose Vaccination Made Mandatory, According to a Survey

EPIDEMIC: One in two French people intend to be vaccinated against the coronavirus Covid-19 The French are wary of a vaccine against the coronavirus. According to a survey carried out by Odoxa for franceinfo and  Le Figaro, published Thursday, 50% of French people say they intend to be inoculated with the vaccine if it is soon widely deployed in the territory. 60% of […]

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A dose of the Sputnik V vaccine being tested

Russia Claims 92% Efficacy for its Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine

The creators of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik-V, assured Wednesday that the research will be published shortly in a major medical journal  The creator of a Russian vaccine against Covid-19 assured Wednesday that it was 92% effective, a few days after the announcement of the development by the American Pfizer and the German BioNTech of a product of a 90% […]

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The European Union has placed a order for the Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19: the European Union Will Order 300 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Vaccine

The vaccine from pharmaceutical group Pfizer would reduce the risk of getting sick from the Covid-19 virus by 90%. The European Union is preparing to sign for 300 million doses. The announcement by pharmaceutical group Pfizer that its vaccine against Covid-19 would reduce the risk of becoming ill with the virus by 90% raises immense hope around the world, with the United […]

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Covid-19: the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is "90% effective"

Covid-19: The Vaccine Developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is “90% Effective”

The coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine candidate from both pharmaceutical companies did indeed get encouraging results after the large-scale phase 3 trial. A vaccine developed by Pfizer (United States) and BioNTech (Germany) is 90% “effective” in preventing Covid-19 infections according to the large-scale phase 3 trial underway, the last step before an application for approval, the pharmaceutical companies jointly announced. Patient protection was achieved seven […]

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What impact could the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic have on the future flu epidemic?

Coronavirus: What Impact Could the Pandemic Have on the Future Flu Epidemic?

Some doctors fear a double epidemic of Covid-19 and flu, so invite the French to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise, the Department of Health and some doctors are questioning the impact the pandemic could have on the flu epidemic. In general, the flu, which affects […]

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Illustration of a Covid-19 vaccines project.

Coronavirus: Trials Launched, Schedule … Where is the Race for Vaccines?

RESEARCH: Currently, at least three Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccines have entered the last phase of their trial, before marketing  While the epidemic remains active over much of the planet, many hopes rest on the race for the vaccines against the Covid-19. Several laboratories announced this summer that they had entered phase 3 of their clinical trial, which […]

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