Didier Raoult: “We Can See That There are People Who Get Infections After Vaccination”

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Didier Raoult: “We can see that there are people who get infections after vaccination”

Pr Didier Raoult, in his last video, confirmed that vaccinated people can be infected again. We are at 12’06 from the last interview with Professor Raoult entitled “The origins of variants”.

Question: With all these different mutations, will the mutations have consequences on the immunity of the disease?

Response from Prof. Raoult : Overall, we are now beginning to have an idea about the immunity provided by the natural disease. So the immunity provided by the natural disease can be quantified by the number of people who get a second infection after having an infection more than three months before. We have about a hundred cases of people who have relapsed, who have had an infection again, it is indeed a new infection, currently, they are making infections with the English mutations which did not exist six months ago in France. , so it’s new infections. And so the Danes did a very large comparative study on the whole of Denmark and they find roughly the same things as us, that is to say, there are 0.63% of people, we are 0.6% of people, who is infected can get a second infection …

So immunity is not total, including in natural infection, unlike what we see in measles, chickenpox, the major general infectious diseases. So the coverage is not total and we will see to what extent it also covers all the variants, we do not know, for the moment. You have to measure it.

Regarding vaccination, we will also see, for the moment, we do not have enough perspective, we can see that there are people who make infections after vaccination, but it would be hard to understand why they do not do this. ‘infections after vaccination while having infections after natural infections which are supposed to be more immunizing. On the other hand, vaccines that focus on just one protein which is likely to have large variations, for example, the mutations I told you about have several mutations, and therefore of course can be perfectly resistant to vaccines, this is the case. of the South African variant with AstraZeneca for example.

So we will see but we can hope that between the proportion of the population affected naturally, I do not know what it is in Marseille, I have the impression that it must be around 40 to 50%, the more the natural immunity that a certain number of people have, the more the vaccination, nevertheless the susceptible population, the whole of the susceptible population should decrease, and therefore the number of cases should decrease and the circulation should decrease. If things turn out as we can imagine now.

But again, there is no certainty, nothing can be predicted about the future of a new mutant or hybrid virus between coronavirus and another virus, another corona, or an endemic corona or rhinovirus, I don’t know. But overall, in the current state of our knowledge, we can think that part of natural immunity, part of immunity acquired by natural infection and part of immunity acquired by the vaccine should lead to reduce the entire sensitive population and therefore significantly reduce the epidemic. In any case, what we can hope for in the coming weeks.

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