Vaccination: 30 Million French People Have Received at Least One Dose of Vaccine

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30 million French people have received at least one dose of vaccine

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the target of 30 million people vaccinated at least once, set for June 15, has just been reached.

It was a government objective. That’s done! On Saturday 12th June 2021, Prime Minister Jean Castex welcomed the number of people who have received at least a first dose of vaccine. The threshold of 30 million first-vaccinated French people has been crossed.

“Objective achieved”, rejoiced the Prime Minister, specifying that he was with “three days in advance”.

45% of the population

To be precise, 30,140,598 people received at least one injection. This represents 45% of the total population and 57.4% of the major population, specifies the General Directorate of Health in a press release.

There are 13,951,277 people who received two injections (20.8% of the total population and 26.6% of the adult population).

A total of 15,670,139 people have a complete vaccination schedule.

Next step: young people

Next step in the vaccination schedule, the opening of vaccination to minors, possible from June 15th .

Vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, for 12-17-year-olds.

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