31,000 euros of cable was stolen over the weekend from Distrilec in Chateaubriant

Chateaubriant: € 31,000 cables stolen from Distrilec

The electronics store Distrilec in Chateaubriant was robbed this weekend 5th – 6th  November. Over € 31,000 cable reels were stolen. Bad surprise on Monday morning, for Distrilec, the electronics store, located at 14, rue des États-Unis in the industrial area of Chateaubriant. A partition of the store was torn open and several pallets of reels, […]

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Stolen camper vans to the value of 11 million euros were recovered

More than 280 Stolen Campers Found by Police

The vehicles had a total value of 11 million euros … More than 280 stolen campers were found in recent weeks, announced on Wednesday at Coutances (Manche) . “This is the largest amount ever stolen vehicles discovered in France in the same criminal transaction,” said the prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul.  These campers, recovered since March 29, have a […]

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A young girl arrested in Toulouse has been arrested twice in two weeks

Toulouse: Questioned Twice in a Fortnight for Theft in the Same Store

Already arrested Jan. 4 in a store in Toulouse, a girl of 15 years returned to commit a theft in the same place  … A girl aged 15 was arrested last Thursday afternoon at the Galeries Lafayette store in Toulouse where she had stolen articles to the value of 400 Euros. A previous record of theft The […]

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562 packs of cigarettes were found by the police in Aurignac, Haute-Garonne

Haute-Garonne: The Police Looking for fuel, Find 562 Cigarette Packs

An investigation into a theft of fuel has uncovered the spoils of a robbery committed in a tobacco shop in Peyssies, in southern Haute-Garonne … The police did not expect that.  Late Monday morning, a search is conducted as part of a fuel theft in a housing of Aurignac, a village south of the Haute-Garonne. […]

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Thief returns car with apology

La Rochelle: The Thief Returns the Car with an Apology and 20 euros

The thief even left a voice message on the answering machine of the vehicle owner … A baker from La Rochelle was astonished  with a truly remarkable sight last weekend, reports South West.  He had got his truck stolen on Saturday while he was in full delivery.  He filed a complaint but the next day his truck was […]

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Sheep stolen from a farm near Nantes

Nantes: A Dozen Stolen Sheep on a Farm in Couëron

Twelve animals were stolen in the night from Saturday to Sunday … The farm site is equipped with an alarm and cameras,  yet this Sunday, a couple of farmers at Couëron had the unpleasant surprise to see a dozen of their sheep were missing, report Presse Océan and Ouest-France. The value of these sheep, is estimated […]

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