La Rochelle: The Thief Returns the Car with an Apology and 20 euros

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Thief returns car with apology

Thief returns car with apology

The thief even left a voice message on the answering machine of the vehicle owner …

A baker from La Rochelle was astonished  with a truly remarkable sight last weekend, reports South West.  He had got his truck stolen on Saturday while he was in full delivery.  He filed a complaint but the next day his truck was back at  his house with the keys in the mailbox, an apology and compensation of 20 euros, for diesel.

The thief, who probably searched the vehicle to find the identity and address of the owner of the vehicle even left a voice message on the phone of the baker, apologizing for what he had done.  The man was called  the telephone and left the message was deemed “very nice” by the owners of the vehicle and explained that he needed a car to get home urgently.

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